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May 2, 2012

Wakonda Beach to Otter Rock

The morning started with Todd calling out to say goodbye. He shamed me with his early start, getting going at 0630, so I dragged myself out of bed and was back on the road by 0800. I didn't get far before stopping, about 3 miles, as I saw a launderette and couldn't pass it by. After stripping off the dirty set and putting on the clean set it was only an hour before I was pedaling again, this time smelling as sweet as a rose.

Kevin, this is where the west coast birds hang out.
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On Monday, Karl from South Coast Bicycles had arranged for a freehub to be in stock at Bike Newport which is where I headed next. It was a very helpful and cool shop, and they had the bike ready to go again in an hour, whilst I waited in the 'tourists lounge', complete with comfy sofas, wifi, shower and TV (although I can do without the last item thanks very much). That's 3 bike shops in 3 days - can I break the pattern? Elliott, the owner, recommended The Newport Grill for lunch, and after filling up there set off again. Or tried to.

The Newport bridge (this one's for you Lofty). Marvellous!
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My legs had struggled all morning, and I thought they would get over it as the day wore on, but they had had enough today. So after a head versus heart argument with myself at the next campground, at the Beverley Beach State Park, I called it a day and rested up, hopefully to be ready to get going again tomorrow. I put the tent in the least soggy area just in time before the rain started again. Being a wet evening I finished my book and was in the sleeping bag by 8, although I had to put ear plugs in to drown out the noise of the rain so I could get to sleep.

On Beverley Beach.
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Today's ride: 27 miles (43 km)
Total: 1,043 miles (1,679 km)

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