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October 8, 2012

Tidnish Crossroads to Tatamagouche

Unfortunately last nights clear skies gave way to clouds, and then rain. But, it did clear up whilst I was having breakfast. It was a cold start to the day, although it turned sunny later.

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Having packed away and got moving - a process which is suprisingly fast on a cold morning - I saw a sign for the Amherst Shore Provincial Park, and although the gate said closed I went to the gatehouse where there some people were working, and asked if it would be possible to have a shower. I must have got quite smelly as they agreed straight away, and was soon cycling again, but this time a lot fresher.

For a while now my saddle has started squeaking. It has stretched so much that it will need replacing when I return, but the squeaking was driving me mad. I stopped at a gas station to buy some WD40 to silence it, but they didn't have any for sale. However, the lady knew of a can out in the back, and lent it to me. My saddle is now silent again, thankfully. It got me thinking - how long does a leather saddle last - does it depend on the weight of the rider - or how sweaty their arse is...

After much pondering I saw a "Bicycle Rest Stop" sign (on highway 6 between Wallace and Tatamagouche). It's not every day that you see one of these, so I went for a look. There was a bench, an outhouse, room to pitch a tent, and a visitors log book - all on the side of somebody's property. An ideal spot for a second lunch. Unfortunately nobody was around so I went on my way not knowing who had put it there.

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There aren't many campgrounds still open at this time of year, but I had found one listed just outside Tatamagouche - the Poplar Grove Campground. Maybe the Unpopular Grove would seem more appropriate as it looked closed for the season and there was nobody about to ask. I was tired, and cold, and ready to stop, so found a not too soggy spot and set up. Later on the owner came over, explaining that it was too wet to keep open, but that I could stay the night. It was dark at 7, so I was in my tent reading early, and asleep soon after.

At Poplar View Campground.
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Today's ride: 54 miles (87 km)
Total: 8,636 miles (13,898 km)

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