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July 17, 2012

Rest day in Orillia

When I was 15 I had my first part time job in a fish and chip shop, where the owner, Brian, was always talking about his old Triumph TR6. This started a fascination with Triumph cars, and although I had a Triumph Vitesse, I never owned, or even drove a TR6. When I walked into Bob's garage I nearly tripped over my jaw when I saw an immaculate green TR6 sat there (with chrome bumpers), and when he said "would I like to take it for a spin", you can imagine my response.

The stuff that schoolboy (and 43 year old boy) dreams are made of.
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We drove into Orillia for some bike parts. Although I had measured the chain in Winnipeg and thought it was doing fine, the middle chainring (which is used almost all of the time) is showing signs of excessive wear, so I bought a new chainring, chain and cassette. I weighed myself on Bob's bathroom scales yesterday and was 196 lbs, or 14 stone 0, so having lost 9 lbs I reckon that I can justify carrying the extra weight until the chain starts slipping and change the parts then. Also, with the high price of bike part in Canada, I want to make them last as long as possible!

Chilling out at Bob and Allison's house.
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The rest of the day was spent relaxing with bob, his wife Allison, and their 2 dogs Taffy and Rufus, a pair of Cockerpoos - or should that be Spanoodles? It was a great day spent in very good company.

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