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July 16, 2012

Owen Sound to Orillia

Often people will give you good advice and tips, and sometimes it is just hot air. It can be difficult to work out which is which sometimes. When I had passed through the mountains and only reached a top speed of 46mph I was a little disappointed, and everyone said that I had missed my chance to crack the 50. In a bike shop in Thunder Bay one of the employees said that many people clock their fastest speeds whilst passing on the north shore of Lake Superior. This also turned out to be nonsense. One of the highlights of today was when totally unexpectedly I hit 50mph going down a hill towards Lake Huron.

Beautiful scenery for the early part of today's ride.
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Naturally we celebrated with a swim when we reached the lake, and then again with a healthy lunch fit for a highly tuned athlete in the shade of a tree to escape the heat of the day by a busy highway.

Now that's what I call a healthy lunch!
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Way back in the distant beginning of this trip fellow crazyguy Bob Ormerod contacted me with route advice and suggestions. We had arranged to meet up with him today on the road, and the plan was to ride to Wasaga Beach, spend the night there, and ride to his place the following day for a rest day. Riding into Wasaga Beach was like riding into Blackpool (probably), and after checking out all accomodation options, $50+ for a patch of grass to pitch the tent on, or $200 for a motel room, we decided that although it was probably the hottest day of the trip so far we would ride the extra 45 miles to Bob's.

In the Netherlands there are vending machines for inner tubes.
Here in the land of huntin', shootin', and fishin' you can get your worms any time of day or night.
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Today's ride: 93 miles (150 km)
Total: 5,150 miles (8,288 km)

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