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April 26, 2012

Eureka to Elk Prairie Campground

It rained hard in the night, for most of the night, which is not the sound you want to hear when lying in a tent with a full bladder. However, mind won over matter and it was after 7 when I emerged to a now dry morning to do what had to be done. Being able to concentrate again meant I could get packed away and in to Arcata for some supplies. I had to wait till 10 for the outdoor store to open so I could get cooker fuel, so found a cafe with wifi and caught up with the journal. I was also directed to the North Coast Co-op for food, and what a place it is. Food plays a very important part of the touring cyclists day, and this place did not disappoint, with it's huge selection of mainly organic and very tasty food, and helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff. With paniers bulging and mouth watering I slowly made my way out of town.

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Arcata is one of those towns when you think "I could live here". It had a really good feel to it, the people were friendly, there were none of the dodgy looking people hanging about which have become commonplace in many American towns I have visited so far, and it just had a good vibe - although don't worry Mum, i'm not planning to move there! I would definitely recommend anyone who is passing by to call in for a few hours. in fact, had it not been for the overpriced commercial campsite that I stayed in last night being the only one around, I would have probably stayed the day there and had a day off the bike.

Apart from the last few miles when I came to the Redwood National Park and the scenery improved drastically, the days cycling was pretty non-eventful, just riding the shoulder of the thankfully not too busy 101. Riding into the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park there were quite a lot of (tame) wild elk hanging around and smiling for the cameras - part of their job description maybe...

The tame "Wild Elk".
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Hiker / biker campsite found, I just started drying out the tent from last nights rain, when you guessed it, it chucked it down again, so it was put up as fast as possible, and i'll try to find a suitable place to dry it out properly in the daytime tomorrow - weather permitting.

The guys I met the other day, Blue and Tyler, raved about the grain Quinoa, which is pronounced something like keen-wah over here, so I bought some today and will be experimenting with it tonight. It'll make a welcome change from the rice of the last few nights.

Today's ride: 55 miles (89 km)
Total: 755 miles (1,215 km)

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Jacquie GaudetI sure can relate to the first three sentences! Well put.
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