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June 17, 2012

Reston to Nesbitt

Today was a tough day. Maybe the jet lag had something to do with it. Possibly the effects of last nights rum were now being felt. More than likely the problem was wind. I had lots of it. Coming from the east. For 40 miles we battled our way to Souris, the first place with any facilities. In fact, it was the first place for 40 miles with or without facilities. The 4 of us rode in tight formation to make progress without draining ourselves too much, with Kim and I taking turns at the front. The few drivers we encountered were very friendly, with almost all of them waving, and we had soon mastered a Mexican wave in reply, which did wonders for morale.

Sheltering from the wind at a gas station where Kim was recharging his cycling machine with caffeine, nicotine and pop tarts.
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After a long stop in Souris, which quickly became known as sore arse, and would benefit from some fresh genes, we were back on the road again, until the point where Kim and Debbie turned off to head to Brandon in search of a bicycle shop to replace their worn out drive trains.

Kate and I carried on to Nesbitt, where our legs had become mutinous and refused to go any further. Nesbitt is a hamlet of about 30 people, a shadow of it's busy former self when farming was more labour intensive, and has no camping facilities. We were quickly welcomed, given water, and set up our tents on some short grass behind the disused church. Before long, Glenda, a pillar of the community came by and opened up the community centre for us so we had washrooms and use of the kitchen for washing up. She also told of how a French Canadian from Montreal had ridden through town on a horse 3 or 4 days earlier dressed as a knight, heading to B.C. and promoting chivalry, whilst accepting whatever hospitality was passed his way.

Our "campsite" at Nesbitt, a hamlet with typically Manitoban hospitality.
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Another local, Kerry, also appeared, making herself at home on our picnic bench, and trying to make me at home at her place. She was a butt smoking, probably alcoholic person who although she meant well was an ordeal to avoid the not very subtle advances of. I eventually made it to my tent, alone, to recharge an exhausted body and mind.

Today's ride: 64 miles (103 km)
Total: 3,476 miles (5,594 km)

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