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September 24, 2012

Canso to Linwood

For the first time since I started to ride in Nova Scotia it didn't rain the whole day today. The sun even came out too. It makes such a difference, the views seem much better, and there is more incentive to stop and admire and explore.

Hi Carol. Glad to read that you're still following along.
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At the Chedabucto Bay Look Off there is a plaque commemorating the controversial discovery of the New World by Scot Prince Henry Sinclair in 1398 (assuming of course that you ignore the previous discoveries by the Vikings 400 years earlier, and the Native Americans many thousands of years earlier).

Guysborough is such a cool place it even has somebody driving a Citroen 2CV.
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Guysborough is one of the rare places that suddenly grabbed me, making me think "I could live here" (don't worry Mum, it was only a hypothetical thought). After stocking up on supplies (which included coffee and donuts) I went to the Visitor Centre where not only were the staff very helpful, but it was housed in the old court house, and had an impressive display inside, depicting the worrying life in times gone by.

"Silence in court! Judge Hathaway finds you guilty of the henious crime of wilfully trimming your eyebrows..."
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Unfortunately Nova Scotian campgrounds seem to think it acceptable to charge for showers after having already charged an entrance fee. Even though the Hyclass Ocean Campground follows this trend, they do offer a special cyclists rate (even if like me you are just an ordinary cyclist, you still qualify) of $17.25 including tax, which is cheap round here! Now that everywhere is wet following all the rain, there are so many mosquitoes around that there is a danger that if they all landed at the same time they would knock the planet out of its orbit.

Sorry Todd, I was distracted. This is the view at mile 8,001 of the trip, at the campground.
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Today's ride: 49 miles (79 km)
Total: 8,001 miles (12,876 km)

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