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September 23, 2012

Sherbrooke to Canso

After a very warm and foggy night I was packed up and ready to roll by 0745. Now that the days are so much shorter I am having to get up whilst it is still dark (just) to make the most of the limited daylight. It also means early to bed, but after a good days cycling that is never a problem.

A ferry ride is always a highlight, and todays ferry was just that. When I arrived at the road end the ferry was waiting and I rolled straight on, and sat in the crew room talking to the Mate and escaping the determined rain. Nobody else turned up, so it was a very lightly loaded ferry that pulled its way across the river on its "string" (actually it looked like a bloody big rope to me, but that is how it was described).

Todays ferry, with its "string" just visible through the heavy rain.
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During a brief pause in the rain, a typical roadside scene showing where all the rainwater goes.
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At Charlos Cove I spotted a sign for a wifi Community Access Hotspot, and went to the Community Centre to update things. Russel, the man who was setting everything up for the evenings bingo invited me to his place for a coffee, so when I had finished I went there. However, it soon became obvious that he was wanting to give me more than just coffee and fig square, so I quickly made my excuses and left.

Amongst all the excitement at the Whale Song B&B I forgot to mention that Ned gave me a Homer for my bike, because he said that he looks like me. D'oh!
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On the way to the Sea Breeze Campground at Fox Island, near Canso, I spotted my first LIVE porcupine at the side of the road. I have seen many in various states of squashedness, but never live, and this one was obviously camera shy so there is no photo. The campground is 5 miles off the route, but as it is getting a little chilly for stream washing I have been trying to get to a campground every night, which is not so easy now that the main tourist season has ended and some of them are closed already.

Sunset from the Sea Breeze Campground.
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Today's ride: 77 miles (124 km)
Total: 7,952 miles (12,798 km)

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