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July 13, 2012

Gore Bay to Perivale

Sunrise at Gore Bay.
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Today has been a day of numbers. It is 100 days since I left Sheffield to start this trip, 3 months since arriving in San Francisco, and 4 weeks since I met Kate and we started to ride together, although she assures me that it seems much longer to her.

Too often on this trip so far I have missed events, concerts, rodeos or other social gatherings by as little as a day, or more, so when we saw the sign yesterday announcing a farmers market / craft fair today, we knew it was an occasion not to be missed. We started off filling up on coffee and cake whilst listening to a great guitar playing singer / singing guitar player, and using the free wifi. After that we looked around, where there were amongst other things more butter tarts than you could shake a stick at. Following my careful weighing of everything before starting this trip, I suprised even myself by also buying some chilli sauce, and some spiced plum jam, both in heavy glass jars.

Great singer with a mix of Neil Young and Bob Dylan in his voice.
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Having finally extracted ourselves from the busy social event in Gore Bay, we got on the road as the morning was really heating up. When I saw a sign for "Fred's Camp", I rushed in to use their loo, and stumbled upon what is probably the coolest campsite I have ever been in. Bob, the owner, insisted we come in, have a swim to cool down, eat lunch in the shade, maybe a siesta too. Needless to say, that was our day's riding done (almost).

Later in the afternoon, Dancer, a 6 week old fawn that Bob has been rearing, came in for her milk, and came for a sniff and a lick. He also rears rabbits that he sets free in the site to encourage the birds of prey to call in for a free range meal.

Dancer coming for some company whilst waiting for his sheeps milk.
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After a super chilled out afternoon, we went to cook dinner, to find that the newly purchased wok was missing. After some careful thought, and lots of cursing, I reckoned that I must have left it in last night's wild camping spot, and decided to ride back when the temperature had cooled down enough, to retrieve it. It was nowhere to be found, but I did see lots of wildlife, including 3 foxes, 1 of which was very aggresive, lots of deer and a snake.

The setting sun whilst riding back to Gore Bay in search of the wok.
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When I returned to Fred's Camp, the sky was clear and there was only a very small moon, and as there was so little ambient light it was a perfect opportunity for some star gazing before falling into bed.

Today's ride: 54 miles (87 km)
Total: 4,941 miles (7,952 km)

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