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July 22, 2012

Wilberforce to Griffith

Sunny summery Sundays in Canada seem to follow a pattern. Today was no exception. Most of the population (who are not riding their bicycles) are either splitting logs for firewood, dressing up in Harley Davidson clothing and riding their noisy machines in large packs, or holding or attending yard sales. Seeing as we had no room to carry firewood, and had no embroidered leather clothing, we attended a couple of yard sales, and were lucky enough to buy a successor to the doomed wok.

Christening the new pan.
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The day's riding was great, with lots of hilly and very scenic countryside, but it was hot (have I mentioned that there is a heatwave here at the moment?). It was so hot that the camera didn't come out in the daytime, all energy was used to maintain forward momentum.

There were no obvious campsites along our route today, so when we spotted a picnic area next to a river, and only a stone's throw from a store and LCBO in Griffith, we came to a rapid stop from which we would not move until the morning.

View from our camping spot.
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Today's ride: 77 miles (124 km)
Total: 5,342 miles (8,597 km)

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