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July 20, 2012

Rest Days in Wilberforce

As I said in the last page, Wilberforce is a cool place. It is such a good place for a rest day that we decided to have two, in fact it turned out to be a "buy one, get one free", as the lovely campsite owners, Allison and Mike wouldn't take our money for the last night - thanks again folks.

Camping at the Riverbank Campground, Wilberforce.
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Yesterday, after a much needed 12 hour sleep, was spent down town mostly at the library using the wifi and catching up with the journal, reassuring Mum that I really am still alive and well, and all the other things that pile up when you are away from home for so long. The rest of the time was spent lounging around, using the time for productive resting.

Resting the legs.
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Today, after cleaning my bike (whilst waiting for Kate to get ready), we borrowed a canoe and paddled to Wilberforce where there was an Eclectic Market. We stocked up on essentials (butter tarts), and searched for another wok, but without success. The remainder of the day will be spent grocery shopping and eating, and preparing body and mind for the continuation of the journey (having an afternoon nap). Hopefully the teenage boys in the tent not far away will be quieter tonight - i'll have a little word or two with them before bedtime...

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Today's ride: 4 miles (6 km)
Total: 5,265 miles (8,473 km)

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