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August 31, 2012

Pool's Cove to Jacques Fontaine

I reckon that the 3 miles travelled today might be an indication that it was quite a lazy day. The ferry didn't leave until 1 something, so it was a tea fuelled lazy morning spent catching up on some more wifi until 10 came to tell us that the ferry was in, and escorted us to it on his bike.

The sea was lumpier today than any we have had on the southern shore so far, so while the other 3 of the group were suffering I chatted to a couple from Ontario, Bob and Sharon, who told me of a good camping spot not far from the ferry terminal at Bay L'Argent.

When we arrived at the camping spot Bob and Sharon were already there, and when Sharon offered us a cold beer I knew we would get on well. She also rustled up tortilla chips and salsa (lots of much needed salt), and they joined us at the picnic table in the shelter of their trailor to eat and chat.

Escaping from the wind.
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Although we were in a sheltered spot there was a strong wind blowing and lots of heavy rain during the night. We were however able to get a few glimpses of the lovely full moon. Unfortunately today has been a poor day for photos as I put my camera battery in the wrong way round when trying to charge it.

The setting sun at Jacques Fontaine.
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Today's ride: 3 miles (5 km)
Total: 7,252 miles (11,671 km)

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