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August 26, 2012

Peter Strides Pond to Burgeo

Sunrise at Peter Strides Pond.
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Today was one of those days that went about as well as you could possibly expect, or hope for. Even the man who was funny about our camping at the spot we were shown last night didn't come close to ruining the day, we just set off before having breakfast, and had it in a parking spot beside the road. As soon as we left Peter Strides Pond the terrain changed noticeably from yesterday, with much less trees, and the ones that there were were much smaller, loads of glacially dumped rocks of all sizes, and much more wind. The wind was from the south west, more or less a head wind for most of the day, and the hills were much steeper and frequent than yesterday too.

Lunch in the disused quarry.
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Rugged beauty on the road to Burgeo.
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The scenery was absolutely brilliant, with lots of barren rock, stunted growth, lakes and streams, you could be in the best parts of Scotland, or Wales. We paused for lunch in a disused quarry away from the wind, then continued through the Blue Hills of Couteou, eventually spotting the sea in the distance and then approaching Burgeo. For a few days I have been daydreaming about eating a pineapple. A whole one. When we got into Burgeo the first stop was the grocery store to refill the empty panniers, and they had a pineapple!

Approaching Burgeo.
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The second stop was the Sandbanks Provincial Park, where the staff and the campground were both super nice. When not daydreaming about pineapples I have been day dreaming about fish and chips, so we went out for fish and chips, washed down with a cold beer. Perfect. When we returned to the campground there was a note from a local lady who will be delivering freshly baked bread in the morning, asking if we would like some. Yes, the Pope is Catholic, and yes, we did order some!

Pineapple, mmmmm.
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Today's ride: 49 miles (79 km)
Total: 7,201 miles (11,589 km)

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