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August 14, 2012

Quirpon to St Barbe

It was a struggle to get up this morning. The sound of rain on the tent (still) didn't help, and in the end it was only because I bribed myself with the promise of two cups of my favourite chai spiced tea that I was able to persuade myself to get up. I feel that I am overdue a rest day, and although this campsite is a great find, its opportunities on a rainy windy day are limited. Talking of wind, there is, as forecasted, a good wind from the north east today, and seeing as my general direction is south west, that is too good a tail wind to waste.

It was a day when I lost time of the number of times the waterproofs went on and off, although they spent more time on than off. I had originally intended to take a different route back, on the 432, but as it was longer and a lot more remote I opted for the same route back as I took out, along the coast, and I was rewarded by seeing my first moose, and a pair of ospreys high up in their nest who seemed troubled by my presence.

A moose. This is the first that I have seen close up in the wild, and he even had the decency to smile.
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I rode past the campsite in St Barbe on Saturday when coming off the ferry, and it didn't look too appealing, but after a long and wet day I needed a warm shower, so came to it. Contrary to appearances it is a great place, with an indoor kitchen and lounge area, super warm showers, wifi, and proper soil in the tent area, so you can actually get a peg in without any problems

Today's ride: 86 miles (138 km)
Total: 6,683 miles (10,755 km)

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