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June 19, 2012

Treherne to Winnipeg

After a great sleep I was ready to be up early and on the road by 0730. The morning didn't go well though. A combination of headwind, poor road surface with non existant shoulder and impatient inconsiderate drivers had me cussing and cursing.

When after 30 miles or so we decided to pull into Elm Creek for some lunch, things started to change for the better, with the appearance of "The World's Largest Water Hydrant" (probably). In a slightly restored state we found the Co-op, which was full of some super friendly locals, and although their bread selection was not the best, I was impressed with their spanner selection, with sizes ranging up to 32mm metric, and 1 3/4" imperial. Wow, these farming communities don't mess about.

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The afternoon's ride to Winnipeg was much better with my cheery mood having returned. When we found some wifi I was able to check emails, and found out that I had a place to stay in town, thanks to Daniel and the warmshowers website. Kate had a contact to stay with, so I left her struggling to get her bike in a family saloon and rode into town to meet up with Daniel.

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Daniel is a super friendly and accommodating guy who instantly made me feel at home. He said he was riding with a bike club that night and would I like to come along. Apparently 80 miles wasn't enough for the day, as I said yes, but when we all met up at 2130 the heavens opened, so we all rode to the pub and spent the rest of the evening there. As with just about all Canadians I have met, they were a friendly bunch, and a fun time was had, even if the ride back to Daniel's was a bit trickier than the ride from there...

Today's ride: 88 miles (142 km)
Total: 3,627 miles (5,837 km)

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