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May 21, 2012

Parksville to Courtenay

For some reason the miles came very slowly today. Perhaps it was because I didn't get into my sleeping bag until past midnight last night - way past my bedtime, and was very tired. I don't think it could have been anything to do with the views, as I was on the coastal road today which was hugging the shoreline offering good views and with little traffic. The weather definitely didn't help, with heavy showers giving way to bright clear spells, meaning it was too wet to ride without waterproofs, then shortly afterwards it would stop, and so would I to take off the sweat soaked second skin. I think what was really causing the biggest problem of the day was the lack of ferries. For the last 10 days or so they have been an almost daily occurrence, and it's now 2 days since I have been on one. That will soon change though.

Is there a cooler bike rack than this anywhere...?
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After passing the coolest bike rack I have seen so far on this trip (should I be worried by the excessive interest I am showing in such random items?), I came to Fanny Bay, renowned for it's oysters...

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...and heard what must have been at least 60 sea lions frolicking on a pontoon, and making a hell of a noise.

More funny sea lions.
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The next stop was Courtenay, which is as far as I intend to go on Vancouver Island, and is where I met up with Nigel and Chelsea, last seen on the San Juan Islands. They welcomed me with a cup of tea, swiftly followed by a beer, you can tell that they have been on the road before and know what's important!

Today's ride: 51 miles (82 km)
Total: 1,831 miles (2,947 km)

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