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June 28, 2012

Shebandowan toThunder Bay

Last night can be summed up perfectly in 2 words, Trailer Failure!

When the alarm went off at 0450 I was definitely not ready to face the world, after a hot and airless night of little sleep, spent mainly swatting mosquitoes, and when I got up I was horrified to see the amount of dried blood and dead mosquitoes on the sheet. I also had a very sore back from the incredibly uncomfortable bed. That will teach me not to pass my tent by.

After the first few miles we passed through the time zone from Central to Eastern time, and I proved that time travel really is possible by stepping from one side to the other, and going back, then forwards in time. The other highlight of the ride to Thunder Bay was when a lady working the traffic signs at a large section of roadworks called out "Holy crap, you guys are fast".

Proving that time travel really is possible.
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When we arrived on the outskirts of town and stopped for some grocery shopping, we saw a text from Kim and Debbie, who were also in town, so rapidly changed our plans and went to the Chippewa Campground to meet them and catch up, although due to some communication issues they didn't return from their day off until about 8 - almost bedtime! Meanwhile, after a swim, Kate who is a massage therapist, did some work on my sore back, I had a sleep, and after a curry had a look at her bike as she had complained about her brakes, to find another broken spoke (rest assured, this has nothing to do with the curry).

When Kim and Debby turned up, with a bottle of rum, we chatted until after 12, and I was woken up shortly after going to sleep by a racoon trying to get into my paniers which were in the porch (vestibule) of the tent.

Today's ride: 59 miles (95 km)
Total: 4,144 miles (6,669 km)

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