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June 29, 2012

Thunder Bay to Thunder Bay

When does a rest day turn into a short day?

Kate and I had decided to move to the KOA Campground today, where we were headed yesterday until we realised that the intrepid duo Kim and Debbie were in town yesterday. It has wifi, and would make tomorrow's ride shorter as it is on the north east side of town.

Thunder Bay grain terminal, where the prairies harvest is transferred from train to boat for it's journey across Lake Superior and beyond.
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On the way there, we had some jobs to do down town. Kate needed a supply of spare spokes to keep her poorly rear wheel limping on until she can get some more serious surgery than I am able to do carried out on it, and I needed to replace my heart rate monitor, and buy a lightweight cotton washable cap to wear under my helmet as the current lining has turned into a biological hazard and is doing funny things to my hair. We visited 2 bike shops, Cyclepath and Fresh Air Experience, both of which were extremely helpful and run by knowledgeable staff, and which I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone. I was also badly in need of a haircut, but ended up buying a cheap pair of hair clippers for the price of a haircut and will do it myself, after all, I can't make it any worse, can I?

Time for a snack.
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We were greeted at the campground by a bevy of cheery ladies who gave us an ice cold bottle of water and a Canadian flag each (for anyone who doesn't know, Canada Day is on Sunday, the 1st of July - hurrah for the colonies). The remainder of the day was spent catching up on the internet and patching up Kate's poorly rear wheel so it can limp to her chosen repairers. And eating, of course. All in all a well spent rest day / short day.

Today's ride: 22 miles (35 km)
Total: 4,166 miles (6,705 km)

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