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June 30, 2012

Thunder Bay to Nipigon

Come on, we've all done it as children, we've all waved at trains hoping that the driver would wave back. Well today I went one better, and he honked his horn too. It's not the first time that i've scored a double in the locomotive sweepstake, but today it just felt better - maybe because i've been away from the comforting closeness of the railway giants for so long.

Other things happened today too, like seeing another black bear - actually Kate spotted it first - it must be her Indian eye.

What is it about women and flowers?
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We rode on the busy Trans Canada Highway virtually all day today, which was very tiring mentally after the peace of the quiet roads which have been the normal for so long. At hungry o'clock we came off at Hurkett for some lunch, and decided to ride the loop for a change, but had missed the first turn off, so rode an extra 5 miles or so. It made a welcome change to sit in the sunshine, not the shade, whilst eating, which has been made possible by the cooling effect of Lake Superior.

Chatting to the locals in Hurkett.
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Pulling off the highway into Nipigon was a breath of fresh air after the busy road. It is a lovely town, with only about 1,800 inhabitants, and so far they have all been friendly. We bought some essential supplies and set up at the campground by the harbour.

Mural in Nipigon.
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Essential supplies.
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My last 3 nights sleep have been short ones, and I am getting very tired which made riding a struggle today, so I plan to be in my tent early tonight, after a swim or two of course.

Today's ride: 70 miles (113 km)
Total: 4,236 miles (6,817 km)

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