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June 27, 2012

Atikokan to Shebandowan

All 3 of us were up early this morning, and away by 0625 in an effort to avoid the cruel heat of the afternoon - in fact, I was the last one ready, but don't tell anyone.

Today was hotter still than yesterday, although the slight headwind did help considerably. I also had more energy today than yesterday, which thinking about it was due to diet. The fried dinner of a couple of nights ago, although very tasty, wasn't nutritionally suitable for a hard day's cycling, whereas last night's pasta suprise was just what my body needed. This got me thinking whilst cycling along through the beautiful, but very repetetive landscape, that if I ate my normal touring quantity of pasta every night, I would have consumed my own body weight of dried pasta in a year, give or take a few days.

One of todays many swim spots.
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No more peeing in the streams from now on then.
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A typical road scene, beautiful scenery, rolling hills, but who the hell is that who is following me?
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Soon after 2 o'clock, as the heat was really hotting up, we saw a sign for a Wilderness Discovery Resort, and by 2 votes to 0 we decided to check it out. When we were offered a trailer (caravan), a lake to swim in, and the use of an ice machine all for $25 our decision was made. We were also later on to go in the games room and use the pool table - to refold the maps and do some tentative planning for the upcoming sections of the journey.

Our luxurious (?) home for the night.
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After a 5 swim day and some more great cycling, lying in a mosquito proofed caravan which had cost less than some campsites, I slowly drifted off to sleep thinking that I had fallen lucky again...

Today's ride: 76 miles (122 km)
Total: 4,085 miles (6,574 km)

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