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July 2, 2012

Rossport to Marathon

The rock we had spent last night on was so perfect, that I didn't wan't to leave anything there, so after a few miles when I saw the Rainbow Falls Campground I signalled to Kate who was behind me what I was doing, and dashed in to use their facilities.

Kate in her normal position (behind on the hils).
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Relieved, and able to concentrate again, I came back out, but Kate was nowhere to be seen. I guessed that she had ridden on, and headed onwards, but doubt started to fill my mind - oh no, what if I didn't see her again - I hadn't even said goodbye. In an effort to catch up (if she had gone on) I stamped on the pedals on every uphill (the only place I can catch her up), and when I entered Schreiber was relieved to see her bike propped up outside Robin's Donuts. After a coffee and an apple fritter (and a blueberry pastry) we were back on the road again, climbing and descending a never ending series of hills, which would normally be no problem, but in the increasing heat were becoming old fast.

Yes Mum, of course I will take it easy.
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When we came to Neys Lunch and Campground, about 18 miles short of Marathon, we were ready to call it a day, and checked in. 24 minutes later, having cooled down, we checked out again. The place was awful, right next to the busy highway and railway lines, with limited facilities, and NO SWIMMING!

View from one of the many bridges we crossed today (yes, that means i've forgotten which one).
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When we arrived at the Penn Lake Park Campground at Marathon an hour and a half and an ice cream later we knew straight away that we had made the right choice, and went for a swim to celebrate it. The grocery store downtown was closed today due to the Canada Day Holiday, but reopens in the morning at 8, so there is no rush to get going early in the morning - although we may suffer later in the afternoon with the heat - but I expect we will just make more swimming stops.

This shot is for everyone back at Sheffield.
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Today's ride: 73 miles (117 km)
Total: 4,359 miles (7,015 km)

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