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Racpat Bali to Boise 2006-07

A paper journal goes digital: A thirteen month biketrip from Bali to Boise

By Rachel and Patrick Hugens
15,798 km (9,811 miles) over 391 days between Sep. 9, 2006 and Oct. 4, 2007
Introduction: Paper journal to Digital heart 8
Gear List heart 1
Past cycling trips: Meeting and Marriage heart 38

Indonesia: Country #1

To Bali: Flight to Denpasar Bali heart 6
To Kuta Beach: Getting ourselves back together heart 14
restday in Kuta Beach: Getting the bikes back together heart 20
To Ubud: First day cycling heart 11
restday Ubud: shopping and mailing heart 17
To Candidasa: Agung Beach Bungalow heart 20
To Tirtha Gangga: Good Karma Resthouse heart 20
To Kalibuluh Lovina: Pulestis Hotel heart 14
restday in Lovina: sightseeing heart 15
To Ketapang Java: It's Ramadan heart 14
To Kalibaru: Noise increases heart 13
To Lumajang: Long day heart 6
To Mt. Bromo: Taking a ride up the mountain heart 6
Restday in Mt. Bromo: Sunrise over Mt. Bromo heart 8
To Malang: across the caldera by jeep heart 6
Rest day in Malang: finding the bird market heart 1
To Blitar: Rachel's sick and needing to take a ride heart 1
To Yogyakarta: Another ride by mini bus heart 1
Rest day in Yogyakarta: Recovery heart 1
Recovery day in Yogyakarta: Sightseeing Prambanan temple heart 1
Rest Day in Borobudur: Gotta keep on moving heart 1
To Bogor: Making progress via mini van ride heart 1
Restday in Bogor: Keep on moving heart 1
Bogor: Exploring heart 3
To Rangkasbitung: still struggling, when will it become a bike trip? heart 1
To Serang: A decision to get to Jakarta heart 1
To Jakarta: Rental Car and Driver to Hotel Margot heart 1
Rest Day in Jakarta: finding a ferry ticket to Sumatra heart 2
Another Rest Day in Jakarta: resting and coughing heart 1
One more day in Jarkarta: a routine develops heart 1
Last entry for Jakarta: the next two days heart 1
To Sumatra: On a Pelni ferry heart 3
Ferry to Sumatra: A day at sea heart 2
To Padang: Late night disembarking the ferry heart 1
Rest Day in Padang: A returning appetite and energy heart 2
Another Rest Day in Padang: More pictures of Padang heart 1
To Bukittinggi: Cycling and a bus heart 1
Rest Day in Bukittinggi: Exploring the city heart 1
Rest Day in Bukittinggi: Another Rest Day Staying put for awhile heart 1
Another Rest Day in Bukittinggi: A few more days here heart 1
Last Rest Day in Bukittinggi: Another opelet and flying dogs heart 4
To Parapet: Overnight bus heart 1
To Tuktuk on Lake Tabo: Respite from Ramadan heart 3
Rest Day in Tuk Tuk: Waiting out Idul Fitri heart 3
Rest Day in Tuk Tuk: Cycling around the island heart 4
Another Rest Day in Tuk Tuk: Rainy day heart 1
One more Rest Day in Tuk Tuk: Ride to Tomok unloaded heart 4
Still needing a Rest Day in Tuk Tuk: ride around Samosir Island heart 5
Rest Day in Tuk tuk: pork and more pork heart 2
Last Rest Day in Tolpin Samosir: One more day on the island heart 2
to Berastagi: Off the island by ferry and up an escarpment heart 7
to Medan: Away from Lake Tabo heart 1
to Bukit Lawang: oh what a bus ride! heart 1
Bukit Lawang: Gunung Leuser NP jungle trek heart 3
Bukit Lawang: feeding the orangutans heart 2
to Medan: Last full day in Indonesia heart 1

Malaysia: Country #2

Selamat Jalan Indonesia: Ferry to Penang heart 2
Rest Day Parit Buntar, David's Place: Sightseeing heart 5
Many Rest Days Parit Buntar, David's place: a drive sightseeing heart 1
Parit Buntar, David's place: to Georgetown heart 3
Parit Buntar, David's place: Day ride heart 1
Parit Burtar, David's place: Fish markets galore heart 1
Purit Buntar, David's place: Last day heart 5
To Georgetown: moving again by bike heart 1
Oh my a Rest Day in Georgetown: as if we needed a rest day heart 5
Alor Setar: have we turned a corner? heart 2

Thailand: Country #3

To Satun Thailand: border crossing heart 2
To Pak Bara: nice road heart 5
Rest Day in Pak Bara: Ko Bulan Island day trip heart 1
to Trang: a long day heart 1
To Ko Lanta: yes there's a ferry, no there's not a ferry heart 2
Rest Day in Ko Lanta: Rest day heart 1
To Krabi: back to the mainland heart 1
To Ao Leuk: Than Bok Khorani NP heart 4
To Phang Nga: Thanksgiving, no turkey heart 1
Phang Nga Bay: Rest day and Tour heart 1
To Khao Lak: Another beach heart 2
To Khuraburi: lots of spirit houses heart 1
To Ranong: long day, hot springs bath heart 2
To Kraburi: Isthmus of Kra heart 1
To Chumphon: Across the Isthmus of Kra heart 1
To Bang Saphon: Hotel on the beach heart 1
Rest Day in Bang Saphon: Rest Day heart 1
To Pranchuap Khiri Than: Brother Monkey heart 2
To Hua Hin: Western familiar food heart 1
Rest Day in Hua Hin: Rainy day and food heart 1
To Phetchaburi: Yellow shirts everywhere heart 1
To Ratchaburi: to the Bat Cave heart 1
To Kanchanaburi: Bridge over the River Kwai heart 1
Rest Day in Kanchanaburi: Erawan Falls heart 1
Rest Day in Kanchanaburi: Thai Cooking Class heart 1
To Suphanburi: circumventing Bangkok heart 1
Ayuthaya: heart 1
Rest Day in Ayuthuya: Visiting Wats is what we do today heart 1
To Nonthaburi: Arriving in Bangkok heart 1
Rest Days in Nonthaburi: Krasin's Condo heart 1
Rest day Nonthanburi: Sky train heart 2
Rest day in Chonburi: Krasin's Beach House heart 1
Rest day back in Bangkok: Back to Bangkok heart 2
Rest day in Bangkok: trip to the Chinese Embassy heart 1
Rest Day in Bangkok: Grand Palace heart 2
Rest day in Bangkok: Passport and China Visa heart 2
To Nokhon Nayok: Leaving Bangkok heart 1
To Kabin Buri: Swirling wind heart 1
Aranjaphrapet: towards Cambodia heart 2

Cambodia: Country #4

To Sisophon: Border crossing into Cambodia heart 1
Siem Reap: Christmas Day heart 2
Rest Day Siem Reap: Angkor Wat heart 2
Rest Day Siem Reap: Bike tour of Angkor heart 3
Rest day Siem Reap: Tuk tuk tour of heart 2
Rest Day Siem Reap: Seeing Siem Reap heart 2
Rest Day Siem Reap: Angkor Wat heart 0
Rest Day Siem Reap: Last Day of the Year heart 2
To Battambang: By boat on Tonle Sap heart 2
Rest Day in Battambang: Vietnamese Visa heart 1
To Pursat: Phnom Penh Hotel heart 2
To Kampong Chhang: better roads heart 1
To Phnom Penh: vistas and rice fields heart 1
Rest Day Phnom Penh: Walking tour and Tuol Sleng heart 2
Rest Day Phnom Penh: Choeung El Killing Fields heart 1
Rest Day Phnom Penh: Grand palace heart 1
To Takeo: fried bugs heart 1
Impressions of Cambodia heart 1
To Chau Doc: Border crossing Into Vietnam heart 11

Vietnam: Country #5

To Long Xuyen: Meeting a south Vietnamese soldier veteran heart 1
To Can tho: a short day heart 1
Rest Day in Can tho: Floating Market Trip heart 1
To Mytho: navigating back roads heart 1
To Ho Chi Minh City: or is it Saigon? heart 1
Rest Day Ho Chi Minh City: Cao Dai and Chu chi tunnels heart 1
Rest Day in Saigon: Museum of the American war heart 1
To Dinh Quan: Roadside rest stops for coffee and tea heart 1
To Bao Loc: climbing up to a plateau heart 1
To Quc Tang: coffee fields but no coffee heart 1
To Dalat: Europa Hotel heart 1
Rest Day Dalat: walking around the lake heart 2
Rest Day Dalat: Dalat Tour heart 1
To Phan Trang: Thang Nhat Hotel heart 2
To Nha Trang: Po Bien Hotel 80km by bus heart 1
Rest day Nha Trang: Island tour heart 1
Rest Day Nha Trang: city tour by rickshaw heart 1
To Dai Lanh: The wind is not our friend heart 1
To N. Song Cau: Bai Tien Hotel heart 1
To Qui Nhon: Barbara's Backpacker heart 1
To Dak To: taking minivan inland heart 1
To Oak Glu: Ho Chi Minh Trail heart 1
To Kham Ouc: playing games with the locals heart 1
To Hoi An: a day with no wind, replaced with honking heart 1
Rest Day Hoi An: Exploring the town and rest heart 1
Rest Day Hoi An: My Son tour heart 1
To Da Nang: Meeting Canadian cyclists heart 2
To Lang Co: Hai Van Pass heart 1
To Hue: the Battle of Hue heart 1
Rest Day Hue: Perfume River trip heart 1
To Dong Ha: Road follows the Perfume river heart 1
Rest Day Dong Ha: DMZ Tour by motorbike heart 1
Lao Bao: Last day cycling in Vietnam heart 1
Lasting Impressions of Southern Vietnam heart 1

Laos: Country #6

To Savannakhet: Vietnam-Laos border crossing heart 4
To Vientiane: By bus heart 1
Rest Day in Vientiane: Patuxai monument and Thalat Sao heart 1
Rest Day in Vientiane: Pha That Luang heart 1
To Tha lat: leap frog with the Dutchmen heart 1
To Vang Vieng: on the backpackers circuit heart 1
Rest Day Vang Vieng: Float the Nam Song River heart 1
To Kasi: Hot spring at Bor-num-oon Resort heart 1
To Muang Khun: lots of climbing heart 1
To Luang Prabang: climb, downhill, climb heart 2
Rest Day Luang prabang: exploring UNESCO World Heritage site heart 1
Rest Day Luang Prabang: exploring temples heart 1
Rest Day Luang Prabang: researching option for China and Tibet heart 1
Rest Day Luang Prabang: meeting other cyclists heart 1
Last Rest Day Luang Prabang: researching China visa extension heart 1
Pak Beng: By Boat on the Mekong River heart 1
To Muang Xai Beng: sabaidee-bye heart 1
To Uodom Xia: the perfect cycling day heart 1
Nateuy: Last full day in Laos heart 1
Impressions of Laos heart 0

Yunnan China: Country #7

To Mengla: Border crossing into China heart 1
To Menglun: a new country to figure out heart 1
To Zinghong: Peacock patterns heart 1
Rest Day in Zinghong: enjoying good food heart 2
To Dadugang: tea plantations heart 3
To Simao: 1204 meters heart 2
To Pu'er: climbs and farming heart 5
To Wenhuajie: pine forest and terraced fields heart 6
To Zhenyuan: back in the tropics heart 1
Rest Day in Zhenyuan: finding internet not so easy heart 1
To Jingdong: seeing sugar cane heart 1
To Baotay: Happy Birthday Patrick heart 1
To Nanjan: drier landscape heart 1
To Wenmingjie: Valley of the Donkey & local market heart 1
To Dali: first views of high mountains with snow heart 8
Rest Day in Dali: getting our bike gear from Bike China heart 2
Rest Day in Dali: Tour around Lake Erhai heart 2
Rest Day in Dali: a true rest day heart 2
To Hotsping near Eryuan: Bump head with care heart 6
To Baihanchang: tiles, kilns and stonework heart 17
To Lijiang: view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain heart 4
Rest Day Lijiang: exploring Old Town a UNESCO heritage site heart 10
To Free Camp near Daju: cobblestone road heart 11
To Walnut Grove Tiger Leaping Gorge: Across the Jinsa River, upper stretch of the Yangze heart 15
Rest Day Tiger Leaping Gorge: Hiking into the Gorge heart 6
To free camp: Sandwiches to go heart 9
To Zongdian: starting to look Tibetan heart 13
Rest Day in Zongdian: sightseeing monastery heart 1
Zhongdian to Dechen: Road Notes I heart 2
To Bensilan: we are becoming a tourist attraction heart 12
To Climbing Yak La: blooming cherry trees, climbing on cobblestones heart 14
To Dechen/Jol/Deqin: a triple pass day heart 18
Rest Day in Dechen/Jol/Deqin: Tomorrow Tibet heart 1

Tibet: Country #7

Dechen to Yangjing: Road notes II heart 1
To Mile marker 1797: Free camp, First day in Tibet heart 1
To Free camp Before Yangjing: Mile marker (MM) 1760, the milepost for the Tibetan Border heart 1
Yangjing to Markham: Road notes III heart 1
To Mountain View Free camp: Lunch provided by a road crew heart 1
To Yak Pasture Free Camp: showing locals the map of Tibet heart 1
To Markham free camp by River: Interacting with the locals heart 1
Markham to Zogang: Road notes IV heart 1
To Juka Truckstop: Chinese tourist dog left on the pass heart 1
To Dempa: Snow on the summit heart 1
Zongan to Baxoi: Road notes V heart 1
To Baxoi (Pasho): Up Dungda La and then truck ride heart 1
Rest Day in Baxoi: typical rest day stuff heart 1
Baxoi to Bomi: Road notes VI heart 1
To Milemarker 3845 Camp: Ngajuk La heart 1
Rawok Tso/Lake Ngan Tso: Beautiful campsite heart 3
To another free camping spot: yak tea with pilgrims heart 1
To marker 4027 Free Camping: Sumoraon valley heart 1
Bomi to Nyingchi: Road notes VII heart 1
To Tongma: many pilgrims heading to Lhasa heart 1
To Mile marker 4138 Logging road: Pilgrims on the way to Lhasa heart 4
To Mile marker 4173 Free camping: pilgrims and climbing heart 3
To Mile marker 4207: Free camping before Nyinchi /Biji heart 4
Nyinchi to Lhasa: Road notes VIII heart 1
To Namse Zampa: two more nototious towns to get through heart 1
To Kongpo Gianda: Help from the Tourist Bureau police for accommodation heart 3
To Mile Marker 4407 Free Camping: Lots of heart 2
To Shungar: Room above Muslim Restaurant heart 2
To Medro Gongkar: a snow storm requires a ride heart 4
To Lhasa: Success!!! We see the Potala Palace heart 2
Rest Day in Lhasa: Barkhor Kora heart 1
Rest Day in Lhasa: Potala Palace heart 1
Rest Day in Lhasa: Nepal Consulate heart 1
Rest Day in Lhasa: Nam Tso trip heart 1
Rest Day in Lhasa: Drak Yerpa heart 1
Rest Day in Lhasa: cleaning the bikes heart 1
Last Day in Lhasa: buying a prayer wheel heart 1
Free Camp up Kampa La: Hotel owner gives us a Khata heart 1
To Draksum Tso Camp site: Mile marker 50 alt 4386 m heart 2
To Past Karo La summit: Namru Chu valley heart 2
To Gyantse: Tian Zang Hotel alt 4022 heart 3
Rest Day in Gyantse: Pelkor Chode Monastery heart 2
To Shigatse: Alt 3850 heart 1
Rest Day in Shigatse: Tashi Lhunpo heart 1
Rest Day in Shigatse: om mani padme hum heart 1
To Foot of Lagpa La: Free camp at old water mill Alt 4030m heart 3
To Lhatse: Alt 3990m heart 2
To Gyantso La: Alt 5066 heart 1
To foot of Pang La: Road to Mt Everest Basecamp heart 1
To summit of Pang La: camping with view of Himalaya mountains heart 2
To Camp near bridge over Drakar Chu: alt 4341 heart 1
To Rongbuk Monastery: Beautiful views of Mt. Everest heart 1
Rest Day: Mount Everest Base Camp heart 1
To Nam La Trail: Camp with Kiwis, Alt 4875 heart 1
To Old Tingri: Everest Hotel Alt 4324m heart 3
To foot of Lalung La: Alt 4475m heart 3
To halfway up Yarle Shung La: Alt 4897m heart 2
To Nyalam: Alt 3750 and the Last Pass heart 1

Nepal: Country # 9

To Tatopani: Nepal border to Family Guesthouse heart 1
Lasting Impressions of China and Tibet heart 1
To Dolalghat: Dal Bhat, Dal Bhat, Dal Bhat, Dal Bhat heart 1
To Kathmandu: 10,000km milestone and to Tashi Dhele heart 1
First Rest Day in Kathmandu: Saying goodbye to the Kiwis heart 1
The next four Rest Days to June 2nd: Rest and recovery Days heart 1
Rest Day Six and Seven in Kathmandu: tourist alleys and bikes boxed heart 1
Last Rest Day in Kathmandu heart 1

Holland: Family Visit

Flight to Amsterdam: Leaving Asia heart 1
To Krabbedijke and Ossendrecht: Family visit for 10 days heart 1
Family visit in Krabbedijke: Eight days of the visit heart 1

Cowden Illinois: Family Visit

To Chicago: Flight to Chicago heart 1
To Cowden: Family visit heart 1

Alaska: Country #10

Flight to Anchorage: Final stage to home heart 1
North Anchorage: Real Mexican food with real salsa heart 1
Anchorage: getting ready to ride again heart 1
To Williwaw Campground Portage Glacier: the beginning of the ride to home heart 1
To Valdez: a tunnel and a ferry heart 1
To Tiekel Lodge: Richardson Highway heart 4
To Glenallen Junction: heart 1
Meier's Lake Roadhouse: two grumpy old men heart 1
To Tangle lakes BLM Campground: junction of Denali Highway heart 1
To Clearwater Creek Wayside: MacLaren Pass Summit heart 1
To Brushkana Creek BLM Campground: Happy July 4th breakfast heart 2
To Cantwell RV Park: the end of Denali Highway heart 1
To Denali National Park: Riley Creek Campground heart 1
Rest Day in Denali National Park: bus tour to Wonder Lake heart 2
Rest Day in Denali National Park: our 12th wedding anniversary heart 1
To Nenana: confluence of Nenana and Tanana Rivers heart 1
To Fairbanks: Go North Hostel heart 1
To Galbraith Lake, Dalton Highway: Hitching a ride with the Spaniards heart 1
To Prudhoe Bay: Free camping south of Deadhorse heart 2
To the Arctic Circle: Milepost 115 Last stage to Home begins heart 1
To BLM campsite at Hotspot: Milepost 60 heart 2
To Hess Creek: Milepost 24 heart 2
To Elliot Highway: Milepost Tolovana heart 2
To Chatanika River: Milepost 11 on Elliot Highway heart 1
To Fairbanks: Robert and Janet's place, off the grid heart 1
Rest Day at Robert and Janet's place: floating down the Chena river heart 1
Rest day at Roberts and Janet's place: Chena Hotsprings heart 1
To Chena Lakes State Rec Area: heart 1
To Birch Lake S.R.S.: Back to Richardson Highway heart 1
To Delta Junction: Green Acres RV park heart 1
To Cathedral Creek B & B: the end of the Alaska Highway heart 1
To Tok: Sourdough Campground heart 1
To Lakeview Campground on Yarger Lake: mile post 1256.7 heart 1

Canada: Country #11

To Beaver Creek, Yukon Canada: Westmark Inn Campground heart 1
Rest Day in Beaver Creek, Yukon: historic Quonset hut church heart 2
To Lake Creek Campground: rear tire blowout heart 2
To Burwash Landing Kluane Lake: a rainy day heart 1
Kluane Base Camp: we see a lynx heart 2
To Haines Junction: Kluane RV Camp heart 1
To Mendenhall Landing: Takhini River heart 0
To Whitehorse: Joel and Sarah Macht heart 1
Rest day in Whitehorse: sightseeing and housekeeping duties heart 3
To Marsh Lake: Yukon Government Campground heart 1
To Squanga Lake: another Yukon CG heart 1
To Dawson Peak Resort: flat tires and rain heart 1
To Continental Divide: sign heart 1
To Big Creek Yukon: love the provincial campgrounds heart 1
To Nugget City: Alaska Highway Mile 1003 near Cassier Junction heart 2
To Boya Lake Campground: Cassiar Highway heart 1
To Deese River Crossing: Jade City heart 3
To Tanzilla River Campgound: Artic-Pacific Divide heart 1
To Iskut Mountain Shadow RV: Over Gnat Pass heart 1
To Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park: a bear just off the road heart 1
To Bell II Resort: heart 4
Rest Day in Bell II Resort: Hot tub, TV and rain heart 1
To Meziadin Provincial Park: camping under the shelter heart 1
To Stewart British Columbia: a trip to Fish Creek 20km heart 4
Rest day to Fish Creek: Bear watching heart 1
To Bonus Lake: Homebrew from Scotty heart 1
To Seeley Lake: Rachel's birthday, Last day on the Cassier heart 1
To Smithers: a fellow cyclist homestay heart 1
To Houston Shady Rest RV: rain continues heart 1
To Burns Lake: Telegraph road and Municipal Campground heart 1
To Beaumont Provincial Campground: another bear sighting heart 1
To Bednesti Lake Resort: then there were 3 cyclists heart 1
To Prince George: Warmshowers host Richard Thompson, author of children's books heart 1
Rest Day in Prince George: a relaxing day heart 1
To Purden Lake resort: another shelter to camp under heart 1
To La Salle Lake: The Dome Diner: Closed heart 1
To McBride: Bearview campground heart 1
To Mt. Robson: Robson Meadow Campground heart 0
Rest Day at Mr. Robson: Day ride and hike heart 1
To Jaspar National Park: Into Alberta and Whistler campground heart 1
Rest day in Jaspar: Maligne Lake heart 0
To Icefield Parkway: Jonas heart 1
To Icefield Parkway: Rampart "Ferme" Creek Campground heart 1
To Lake Louise: asking to share a camping site heart 1
To Canmore: bypass Banff heart 1
Rest day in Canmore: town pictures today, planning route for home heart 1
To Kananskis Lake: One year on the road heart 1
To Cat Creek: Picnic area down Highway 40 heart 1
To Chain Lakes Provincial Park: the Cowboy Trail heart 1
To Pincher creek: Municipal Campground heart 0
To Waterton National Park: Village Campground heart 1
Rest Day in Waterton NP: Last day in Canada heart 2

USA: Montana: Nearing Home

To Glacier National Park: USA Border and St. Mary's heart 13
West of Maria's Pass: Glacier View Campground heart 10
To Columbia Falls: Essex and Isaac Walton Inn No pictures heart 2
To Swan River Valley heart 4
To Clearwater Junction heart 0
To Missoula: Greenough Park heart 1
Rest day in Missoula heart 1
Two more Rest day in Missoula heart 1
To Hamilton: No picture for you heart 2
To Lost Trail Hot Springs heart 1

USA: Idaho: Almost home

To Salmon Meadows: Welcome to Idaho heart 1
To Cottonwood BLM Campground heart 2
To Old Sawmill Station RV Park heart 1
To Stanley: Idaho Hot Springs heart 1
To Kirkham Hot Springs: One more night on the road heart 1
To Idaho City Grayback Gulch Campground: Home tomorrow heart 1
To Boise: Just like that. We are home! heart 5