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Heading South For a Promise of A Warmer Winter

Ride down Pacific Coast, cross Southern Tier, Key West, Atlantic Coast and Northern Tier!!

By Janet Anspach-Rickey
4,048 miles (6,515 km) over 122 days since Sep. 21, 2018
Getting ready to ride heart 3
Getting the hang of this journal heart 6
Witnessing a Guiness Book World Record! heart 5
Good news and Bad news heart 4
Crisis Averted! heart 3
Lunch with Carlyn and Jim heart 4
Packing and saying Goodbye for now. heart 3
The Day before we start heart 2
Out of the gate! Poulsbo to Dosewallips heart 3
Beautiful Day for Ducks! heart 4
A day in Paradise, country backroads heart 5
It just keeps getting better! heart 4
Rest and Maintenance heart 6
Fitting the Racks! heart 5
Two more hop on! heart 4
Over the Bridge and Down to the Seaside heart 14
Rocks, the tunnel, climbing and rain heart 13
Three Capes Route heart 20
Half day ride still in the rain heart 7
Whales, Seals and Seagulls, Oh My! heart 21
Life is a Beach! heart 23
The Oregon Dunes heart 20
Rain Day heart 7
A Develishish Day heart 27
More Climbing, beaches, dinosaurs! heart 20
Goodbye Sweet Oregon! Hello California! heart 24
A Really Big Hill! heart 26
We're in the Redwoods! heart 22
Trinidad to A cabin in the Redwoods! heart 11
Day off in the Woods heart 15
Avenue of the Giants! heart 15
Short and Sweet heart 18
Leggitt Hill and back to the beach! heart 23
Headland Roller Coaster! heart 9
Rolling hills, small shoulders, beautiful day heart 8
The famous (relentless) Jenner Grade! heart 17
A Most Amazing Ride...So Far heart 10
Cyclists everywhere today! heart 10
San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge heart 12
Bike paths, surfers, dolphins, pelicans, rolling hills and sunshine heart 8
Surfers in Santa Cruz heart 20
Strawberry fields, Brussel sprouts and artichokes heart 21
Monterey headlands and Big Sur heart 13
Big Sur Social Meander heart 41
Waffles, hills, Ragged Point and elephant seals heart 31
Moro rock and SLO heart 9
Errand day heart 6
More errands, rotor school heart 8
Definitely warmer down here! heart 9
Amazing climb through the hills and a nice drop to the beach heart 12
Beautiful Day along the Beach heart 16
Malibu! heart 14
Fog Rolls In heart 15
Dems Da Brakes! heart 9
No Power! heart 6
Winds are with us. heart 6
Em is swimming in the ocean! heart 10
San Diego, First leg of trip is done! heart 11
Rest Day in San Diego heart 5
Into the desert! heart 5
Santa Ana Winds heart 4
Hitching a Ride! heart 10
Down the hill and into the Desert heart 6
Rolling Sands and Rolling Hills heart 5
We Crossed the River heart 18
Another Amazing Day in the Desert heart 16
Rest and Maintenance in Salome heart 6
Arizona Riding heart 12
A Ride along the Arizona Canal heart 17
Along the Canal heart 25
Happy Thanksgiving heart 25
Suburbia heart 18
Climbing in the desert Chris hops on today! heart 22
The Tunnel, headwinds, climbing a mountain heart 12
Sick Bay heart 14
Back on the bike. heart 23
Enchanting ride to New Mexico heart 29
Winds really make a difference! heart 7
High winds and sharp wires heart 3
Crossing the Rio Grande heart 14
Chris Hops Off! heart 10
Errand Day heart 21
Doesn't get any better than this heart 15
Wild and Windy heart 19
One more Range to Climb heart 14
The Infirmary heart 4
One More Rest Day heart 22
Tailwinds heart 19
Beautiful Chihauhaun Desert heart 17
Riders on the Road heart 20
A Texan Gift heart 26
Flying With the Wind heart 8
Another Fun Day Riding With The Wind heart 13
Homecoming! heart 15
Starting into the Hill Country heart 18
Heart of the hills heart 26
Guadalupe River, More hills, Gorgeous heart 26
A Hop and a Skip to Kerrville heart 12
Resting in Kerrville heart 7
Armadillo! heart 21
Texas Treat! heart 14
Austin, BBQ, lots of hills! heart 17
Austin heart 22
Austin bridges and the Colorado River heart 28
One last day in Austin! heart 8
Beautiful day for Riding heart 12
Riding Through the Parks heart 25
43 degrees and Headwinds heart 15
Warming up in Carmine heart 20
East Texas Country Roads heart 19
Harleys, Brats and Sauerkraut heart 20
Rain Day heart 5
Snug As Bugs in a Cabin! heart 12
Here comes the Sun heart 20
Mama PIt Bull-1, Janet-0 heart 20
Rehab Day heart 7
Test ride heart 15
Back in the Saddle heart 11
Headwinds! Last night in Texas! heart 14
Louisiana! heart 17
Loving Louisiana heart 22
Mamou Fred's Lounge heart 10
Baby it's cold outside! heart 14
Riding on a chilly Louisiana day. heart 2
Crossing the rivers heart 8
Crossing the Mississippi heart 13
Riding Along the Levee heart 3
Plantations, riding along the river. heart 4
NOLA+ heart 1
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Updated within 7 days