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September 17, 2018

Crisis Averted!

We were up and out once again today so we could ride over to Ballard to have Eric, mechanic, hook Stephen's bike up to diagnostics and see what the issue is. All the thoughts were going through my mind - what if it's the motor? How long will it take to get another? What will we do about our leave time? The weather isn't going to hold after October. Yada, yada, yada. I knew I was stressed when I hassled Emma who came riding with us. 

No need to worry. Eric saw right away what the problem was. The intuvia displays control button on the side of the handlebars was malfunctioning. Eric switched it out for a new one and the bike was immediately back up and running, crises averted, everything is back on!

It was one of those beautiful fall days today. We rode over to a coffee shop and had a coffee after taking care of the bike and then made our way through the Ballard Locks and back to the ferry. Emma led us back to the road our van was on via back roads on Bainbridge Island. Great day for riding. 

I keep forgetting to mention we are calling this tour the Hop On, Hop Off tour because we may be joined by others along the way. Emma and Sheri are contemplating riding with us for a while. I think I have a picture of us all coming up here. I'll update as I know what is happening. I need to get in the habit of taking pictures. Tomorrow we are cycling over to visit with some precious cousins in Burien so I'm determined to remember to take some shots along the way. I still have until Friday to get myself up to speed!

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Scott AndersonHave a great tour! I look forward to following along. Are you planning on going through Big Sur, and is the highway finally open again?
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1 year ago
Janet Anspach-RickeyTo Scott AndersonHi Scott!
Yes, the Big Sur is open! Back in July you could ride through. Amazing how they built the new road right over the slide. It'll be something to go see. Only two more days! I am ready to get rolling! It's cold in the Northwest in the mornings now. Brrrrr.
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1 year ago