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October 30, 2018

More errands, rotor school

Still in SLO

So today we were in rotor school. We learned that we have rotors that are only compatible with resin brake pads. The boys in Sausilito put metal brake pads on and they promptly chewed up Stephen's rotors.  Yesterday Nate replaced his rear rotor but didn't notice the front was also messed up... 

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Time to take Sheri to the train station
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She is all set
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Got herself a sleeper car and the bike gets to ride on for $20
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She's hopping off here and hopping on Amtrak to head for home!
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We rode over to the Bike kitchen and the mechanic there sent over to SLO Bike and Run. Davey took a look and realized the problem right away as it was written on the rotor- compatible with resin pads only! I called Sam at Foothills to make sure Nate used the correct rotor yesterday and he did. That left the front needing a new rotor compatible with metal pads.

Then I had him check my bike and the same thing had been done so he replaced my metal pads with resin because neither he nor Sam had anymore rotors my size in stock. Mine will hopefully get me to San Diego where I'll take some time off to get metal compatible rotors. 

So fortunately we had a nice spot across the street to wait for our bikes to be worked on.
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Emmy was busy back at the house putting dinner together while Gary, Steve and John carved the pumpkins with power tools! Great dinner and company.

Happy Halloween eve!
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Today's ride: 4 miles (6 km)
Total: 1,408 miles (2,266 km)

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