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June 13, 2019

Hills, rain and riding into New Hampshire

Bridgton to Conway

We have two big hills to climb right off the bat today and rain in the forecast so we woke up early, had our coffee and breakfast and headed out!
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We climbed 100 feet a mile for 7 miles, then another 800 feet over the next 13 miles! The rain came while we were grocery shopping in Freyburg. It was supposed to come at 2pm but it arrived around 11am. We layered up and headed the last 8 miles to Conway.
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Into New Hampshire we rode! The road is nicer and there's a nice shoulder. BUt no complaints on the ride! It was a blast!
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Paul helped us get settled in our AirBnB in Conway. It's another Victorian home and it's very nice.
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Home for tonight.
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Today's ride: 31 miles (50 km)
Total: 8,474 miles (13,638 km)

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