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September 24, 2018

It just keeps getting better!

Day 4:Raymond to Long Beach

We were going to eat at McDonalds this morning but as we rode by Sheila's in Raymond, we both looked at each other and in we went. It was great. Delicious! We did spend a third more but got just what we wanted and it was real food. I'm not knocking Mickey D's because we have been saved more than once by this place being the only thing in town!

Breakfast was yummy at Sheila's
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Our server was just fine!
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What a gorgeous day today and we had a Northeast wind as we headed southwest to the ocean.
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We stopped at the Nature Reserve for a snack and visited with a young couple. No I didn't get their picture!
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Such a pretty farm
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Sid's Market is our go to place on the Long Beach Peninsula. While Step was in getting groceries, I set up a chat with Moosejaw to find out why our racks weren't shipped. Amazon already delivered the side rails. When Amazon says two day shipping, they mean it. This guy says we will get them Wednesday or Thursday and that was that. We will be ready for them. I've already watched the You Tubes twice to attach the racks to the bikes. 

Arriving at Sid's we are almost at our stay. We loaded up with groceries as we will be here a few days.
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A little piece of heaven - Chautauqua Lodge in Long Beach, Washington
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So Sheri's Hubby, Ken will bring Sheri and Emma on Thursday and once we are all put together we can head on down the coast!

The back bedroom.
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Today's ride: 49 miles (79 km)
Total: 204 miles (328 km)

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