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September 25, 2018

Rest and Maintenance

Getting things done in Long Beach

The First thing I did this morning, (after making us coffee) was a chat with to see if our front racks had been shipped! Yesterday the chat was most unhelpful and 'Ian' told me there was nothing he could do to expedite the shipping as it was too far along in the process but that I should get the racks by Thursday! This is a company that advertises two day shipping! So here it is Tuesday and I ordered it on Saturday only to find out in the small print they don't ship on weekends like Amazon does. So off we went for a lovely walk along the beach!

Just a gorgeous day here at Long Beach, Washington!
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After breakfast we walked into town to pick up some things for maintanance on our equipment. It's quiet this time of year but still plenty of activity going on, especially for a Tuesday. 

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We got back and I set up another Chat as I still had no email stating the racks had shipped. This time I hit pay dirt! Oh no! I can't remember her name but she went to bat for me, called shipping and had them upgrade the order to next day so we will get the racks tomorrow! I told her she got the rest of the day off with pay and a promotion and would she be interested in running for office!!! Awesome. In just a short bit, I received the shipping notice. 

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Today's ride: 5 miles (8 km)
Total: 209 miles (336 km)

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