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February 28, 2019

The Map Story

Florida City to Key Largo

I ordered the Atlantic Coast maps on Febrauary 6th. I sent them to Crystal River but Jeanna accidentally gave me the wrong zip code. When we got to Crystal River the maps had not arrived. I saw that the last place they were sent was Boca Raton, FL so I called and waited an hour for someone to answer the phone! Someone crossed out the wrong zip and put the right one in and sent the package on it's way. On Fecuary 18th the maps were back in Boca Raton! I called Crystal River Post Office and got Kimleigh who was much fast to answer her phone and she said she would look into it. Turns out the bar code was left unchanged which is much more important to the machinery than the hand written address. I noticed the maps took a trip to West Palm Beach on 2/20, then to Seminole-Orlando. On the 21st they went back to West Palm Beach and on the 22nd they were back in Seminole-Orlando. 

We were cycling through Sarasota and had stopped for lunch when I got a call from Jacksonville Postal Services and a very nice woman said she was going to try to get a human to intercept the package. I told her if it got to Crystal River, Kimleight would send it ahead to where I would be going so she said she would see what she could do. Next thing I see the maps are headed for Jacksonville and by the 23rd they were in transit! On the 25th the maps finally made it to Crystal River and I told Kimleigh to send them to Key Largo!

So when we got here today I couldn't wait to see if the maps had made it. We checked into camp and then headed for the Post Office. I had also ordered a tent fan and some liners for Stephen. The liners and the maps were THERE! Looks like the fan was delivered down the road to Islamorada and we will be going through there tomorrow. 

We sat outside and looked over what we had and then packed up and headed the mile and a half to camp and just beyond to Hobo's for lunch. We were sitting waiting for our food so I went to grab the maps to look at  them and THEY WEREN'T THERE! Are you kidding me???

I hopped on my bike and rode the same route back to the Post Office and there they were leaning against a bush where we had been packing up just before we left!!! How could that happen without either one of us noticing???

So we shall see just how long I can hold onto these slippery maps!

I really wanted the flowers but I see I am not close enough to get a good shot.
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Great shoulder on 1, We took it instead of Card Sound road which has no shoulders.
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Key Largo Kampground is very nice. Shady and cool.
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Our Campsite. I think the bugs will be here at dusk but we are prepared for them!
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This is a wifi area where I am writing the journal right now.
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Today's ride: 36 miles (58 km)
Total: 5,351 miles (8,612 km)

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Steve Miller/GrampiesHope there is not a hidden message from the Universe about taking the route of those tricksy maps.
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11 months ago
Janet Anspach-RickeyTo Steve Miller/GrampiesI was beginning to wonder! We are hoping to head out to the Outer Banks and up the East Coast all the way to Maine possibly!
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11 months ago