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September 14, 2018

Getting the hang of this journal

Practicing how to post pics. This is the Padilla Bay Trail
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So for the second day do I click on end of journal? I must have missed the instruction page. Steve? Help! Isn't there just a next? 

Okay, so today is sorting and organizing. We live out of our van and all we own has to go into six totes. We will store out totes with a friend and we will store our van with another friend who will drive it and keep it safe. 

I ordered a keyboard last night so I can attempt to keep this journal while on the road. I'll use this week to figure out how to use the journal, organise and pack. We have a Goodwill run and a Fishline run to make. No matter how much we get rid of, there always seems to be more!

Janet and Stephen
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William Abbeynice pic. Just missing the wine.
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2 years ago
Janet Anspach-RickeyTo William AbbeyHi Bill!
This was in Germany and it looks like Step already had a Weisen! J
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2 years ago
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Steve Miller/GrampiesTo post your next days, you would choose to create an "entry" at the "end" of the journal. As you are already used to, the story starts at the top of the index page and carries on with entries down to the last one.

Try to put in a photo that represents the blog in the "grid" view, and one that appears on the title page. You can do this under "Edit Settings". Be sure to hit save everywhere (maybe there are three spots), else the photos will not stick.

I think its great to have the photo of you two right here. It's a good idea to also put in a Profile. You can also get the Promised Tour put in if you ask Jeff.
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2 years ago
Janet Anspach-RickeyI am slowly getting the hang of this! Sometimes the pictures load and sometimes they don't. I keep hitting Save so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong!
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2 years ago
Paul MulveyType your comment here
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