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March 8, 2019

Short Day to Arcadia

Easy riding

Sandy made us all oatmeal this morning and it was yummy. Mark had an appointment and he was out on his bike by 8ish. We were packed up and heading out soon after. 

Kings Hwy started out with a shoulder, then a sidewalk and then nothing. 

We spotted a sidewalk on the left and took it. 

Soon it turned left and headed off in a direction we weren't going but we followed it for a bit anyway because it was so pretty.
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We rode by orange groves and they smelled so nice.
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Bill ShaneyfeltCitrus blossoms in the winter are just wonderful!
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1 year ago
Truck loads of oranges were pulling inot the citrus plant.
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Some of the trees were big and bushy.
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We made our way into Arcadia, stopped for a nice iced decaf and a snack, rode over to Goodwill for some things, rode to the grocery store for dinner and breakfast items and then over to our hotel, the Desoto Inn. 

Very nice room.
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Our neighbors are from Wisconsin. The fellow is a high jumper in senior olympics. He jumped in high school and then after 50 years started up again. They have traveled 42 states and he competes.
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Today's ride: 30 miles (48 km)
Total: 5,568 miles (8,961 km)

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