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Born in Ft. Wayne IN, back in the mid-1940s.  Moved to Mojave, CA mid-'50s  First bike was a single speed lightweight bike with coaster brakes.  Many miles on dirt trails around Mojave.  First tour was on that bike from Mojave to Ventura and back over a week.  Bike commuted off & on most of my career, and most of the time the last dozen years or so before retiring in '08.  Winter commutes were a challenge, especially in sub-zero cold or in snow.  Eventually 3 inches deep was the maximum I would tackle over the 12 mile route.  

After retiring, I did my first long tour from Dayton, OH to Wake Forest, NC then looping south on the way back.  Two years later, I had a widowmaker heart attack and was told that without all the years of regular aerobic exercise, I would likely have died.  A good plug for bike riding!  9 months later, I retraced the last 500 miles of the retirement bike tour.  Since then, I have had knee deterioration and must be content to make my almost daily rides 10-20 miles.  

Currently, I spend a lot of time following bike tours on this site and another well-known touring site, offering my interest in nature to help others identify things they see and post in photos.  Information available on the internet is a wonderful thing!