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December 7, 2018

The Infirmary


Today it's my turn to take care of the sick! I did all our laundry first thing so we would have clean clothes!

I cut up fruit for our oatmeal and we all had breakfast. I mapped us to Austin, Texas! Should take us two and a half weeks once we get started again. I'm keeping the distances low when I can so we have recovery time. There are three areas we have longer rides so we will see how the winds take us. We tried to get a ride to Fort Davis but it didn't work out. We will stay here another day to give people more recovery time. 

I went to load up my bike to head for the grocery store and found my back tire was flat. Turned out one of the oldest patches was leaking. I went ahead and changed out the tube. We are going to need more tubes and patch kits when we get to Ausin!

Stevie listening to his tablet and playing FreeCell!
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Emmy is watching the Hallmark channel
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Today's ride: 2 miles (3 km)
Total: 2,673 miles (4,302 km)

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