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March 27, 2019

Rest Day


Today we got up slow, had a nice breakfast, did the laundry and I mapped and reserved places through South Carolina!

We walked to the Post Office so I could mail a form, stopped at a hardware store so Step could get some things he needed and had a very nice salmon lunch at Krogers.
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This is just outside our room. The pool has no visitors today. It is just in the 60s. A beautiful day but the wind is cool and no one wants to sit out.
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This on our other side and I used the sunshine to dry my air mattress after I gave it a good scrub. I don't know what made me think of it as it is buried at the bottom of my bag but I cleared everything out to wash it and there it was so I figured I'd wash it too. Just finished cleaning my chain.
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There's nothing left but to head on into South Carolina. Hopefully there will something left of us by tomorrow and I will live to continue my story!

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