Istanbul to Lisbon: From Sultanahmet to Sumol (and a sidetrip to Morocco) (Tour 7) - 2003 - CycleBlaze

Istanbul to Lisbon: From Sultanahmet to Sumol (and a sidetrip to Morocco) (Tour 7) - 2003

A Two-Wheeled Journey Through Ancient Kingdoms

By Brent Irvine
5,000 km (3,105 miles) over 106 days between Aug. 27, 2003 and Dec. 10, 2003

The Introduction (and stuff like that)

A Dream Coming True heart 0
Will I Make It? heart 0
Pilgrimage Across France & Spain heart 0
Here's the route heart 0

Some of the Nuts & Bolts

Light packing or what? heart 0
Media so far heart 0
Visits by Friends and Visits to Schools heart 0

Ready, Set.....

Fifteen days and Counting heart 0
...and now Ten Days... heart 0
Tuesday Aug 26: I can't believe I leave tomorrow! heart 0

Week 1: Mosquitoes & Lakes to Carpets & Mosques

Wednesday Aug 27: Timmins to Toronto to Frankfurt, Germany to Istanbul, Turkiye heart 2
Thursday Aug 28: Istanbul heart 3
Friday Aug 29: Istanbul heart 3
Saturday Aug 30: Istanbul - Bosphorus - Istanbul heart 5
Sunday Aug 31: Istanbul (Sultanahmet) to Silivri heart 5
Monday Sep 1: Silivri to Corlu heart 2
Tuesday Sep 2: Corlu to Babaeski heart 3

Week 2: Former Soviet Satellite Opens its Arms

Wednesday Sep 3: Babaeski to Edirne heart 3
Thursday Sep 4: Edirne to Harmanli, Bulgaria heart 2
Friday Sep 5: Harmanli to Haskovo heart 0
Saturday Sep 6: Haskovo to Plovdiv heart 0
Sunday Sep 7: Plovdiv (Rest Day) heart 0
Monday Sep 8: Plovdiv to Koprivshtitsa: Brent meets a climb heart 0
Tuesday Sep 9: Koprivshtitsa to Sophia: Brent cycles too far for his own good heart 0

Week 3: Efficient Train Systems & Stunning Coasts

Wednesday - Thursday Sep 10 - 11: Sophia (rest and explore) - Train to Belgrade, Serbia then Bar, Montenegro heart 0
Friday Sep 12: Bar to Kotor heart 0
Saturday Sep 13: Kotor to Dubrovnik, Hrvatska: Will the whole trip be uphill? heart 0
Sunday Sep 14: Dubrovnik to Neum, Bosna i Hercegovina: Breakfast really does make a difference heart 0
Monday Sep 15: Neum to Makarska, Hrvatska: This country continues to amaze me heart 0
Tuesday Sep 16: Makarska to Split: Pain from the start to finish line heart 0

Week 4: Fine Weather & Poste Restante Fun

Wednesday Sep 17: Split to Sibenik to Vodice heart 0
Thursday Sep 18: Vodice to Zadar: Roman Walls, seaside and fine weather heart 0
Friday Sep 19: Zadar to Karlobag: Why did the road just end? heart 0
Saturday Sep 20: Karlobag to Senj: Strength to spare heart 0
Sunday Sep 21: Senj to Rijeka: Don't Send ANYTHING by poste restante heart 0
Monday Sep 22: Rijeka to Postojna, Slovenija: Dedicated to Aunt V's Proper Recovery heart 0
Tuesday Sep 23: Postojna to Ljubljana: Overwhelmingly beautiful villages heart 0

Week 5: Europe in Miniature to Grappa

Wednesday Sep 24: Ljubljana: Rest Day heart 0
Thursday Sep 25: Ljubljana to Bled: Only three months til Christmas heart 0
Friday Sep 26: Bled to Kranjska Gora: Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! heart 0
Saturday Sep 27: Kranjska Gora to Lepena via Vršič Pass (1611 m) heart 0
Sunday Sep 28: Lepena to Cividale del Friuli, Italia heart 0
Monday Sep 29: Cividale del Friuli to Motta di Livenza heart 0
Tuesday Sep 30: Motta di Livenza to Bassano del Grappa heart 0

Week 6: Italian Alps and Fashion

Wednesday Oct 1: Bassano del Grappa to Rovereto heart 0
Thursday Oct 2: Rovereto to Fasano heart 0
Friday Oct 3: Fasano to Costogno heart 0
Saturday Oct 4: Costogno to Certosa di Pavia heart 0
Sunday Oct 5: Certosa di Pavia to Milano and return (by bus) heart 0
Monday Oct 6: Certosa di Pavia to Alessandria heart 0
Tuesday Oct 7: Alessandria to Alba: Brent feels under the weather heart 0

Week 7: Ski Slopes and of Things Provencal

Wednesday Oct 8: Alba: Recovery Day heart 0
Thursday Oct 9: Alba to Cuneo: Still a trial heart 0
Friday Oct 10: Cuneo to Isola, France: Wow, are these mountains high or what! heart 0
Saturday Oct 11: Isola to Entrevaux heart 0
Sunday Oct 12: Entrevaux to Castellane heart 0
Monday Oct 13: Castellane to Moustiers-Sainte-Marie heart 0
Tuesday Oct 14: Moustiers-Sainte-Marie to Manosque heart 0

Week 8: Debut du Chemin de St Jacques

Wednesday Oct 15: Manosque to Roussillon heart 0
Thursday Oct 16: Roussillon to Arles heart 0
Friday Oct 17: Arles rest day heart 0
Saturday Oct 18: Arles to Montpellier heart 0
Sunday Oct 19: Montpellier to Beziers (via Mediterranean coast) heart 0
Monday Oct 20: Beziers to Carcassonne: Will someone please turn OFF the wind. heart 0
Tuesday Oct 21: Carcassonne to Revel heart 0

Week 9: Sigh, Those Pyrenees

Wednesday Oct 22: Revel to Toulouse: Bonne Fête Max! heart 0
Thursday Oct 23: Toulouse to Auch heart 0
Friday Oct 24: Auch to Maubourguet heart 0
Saturday Oct 25: Maubourguet to Pau: Those Pyrenees are Wow-ish! heart 0
Sunday Oct 26: Pau to St. Palais: Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain......... heart 0
Monday Oct 27: St. Palais to Burguete, Espana: Through the Pyrenees heart 0
Tuesday Oct 28: Burguete to Pamplona: I hope the bulls don't knock me off the bike! heart 0

Week 10: Tough Times Across the Rains & Plains in Spain

Wednesday Oct 29: Pamplona to Estella: Clearing skies, breeze at my back.... heart 0
Thursday Oct 30: Estella to Logrono: The air is moving contra to my direction again... heart 0
Friday Oct 31: Logrono to Santo Domingo de la Calzada: Happy Ghoulies and Ghosties heart 0
Saturday Nov 1: Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Burgos: Last day riding for a bit heart 0
Sunday Nov 2: Burgos: Rest & Exploration heart 0
Monday Nov 3: Burgos to Madrid: Bus ride by Bulls heart 0
Tuesday Nov 4: Madrid Explorer I heart 0

Week 11: Madrid, Mosques, Medina and MA

Wednesday Nov 5: Madrid Explorer II heart 0
Thursday Nov 6: Madrid to Tangier, Morocco, Africa: Never Been Here Before heart 0
Friday Nov 7: Tangier: Lost in the Medina? heart 0
Saturday Nov 8: Tangier: Let's Meet in La Kasbah heart 0
Sunday Nov 9: Tangier to Madrid: Back from Africa heart 0
Monday Nov 10: Madrid heart 0
Tuesday Nov 11: Madrid: Sissy-mode Again heart 0

Week 12: The Weather Smartens Up

Wednesday Nov 12: Madrid to Burgos: Boredom by Bus heart 0
Thursday Nov 13: Burgos to Osorno: On the road again... heart 0
Friday Nov 14: Osorno to Sahagun: Pain on the Road heart 0
Saturday Nov 15: Sahagun to Leon: Castilian Plains Forever heart 0
Sunday Nov 16: Leon to Rabanal del Camino: Beautiful Places, but... heart 0
Monday Nov 17: Rabanal del Camino to Villafranca: Face from Home heart 0
Tuesday Nov 18: Villafranca del Bierzo to Samos: Meeting Fellow Cyclists heart 0

Week 13: Completing the Camino de Santiago, McGyver's Chickens and Veering to the Left

Wednesday Nov 19: Samos to Palas de Rei: Still no Tires! heart 0
Thursday Nov 20: Palas de Rei to Santiago de Compostela: A Pilgrim No More? heart 0
Friday Nov 21: Santiago de Compostela: Rest Day heart 0
Saturday Nov 22: Santiago de Compostela to Pontevedra: The Final Leg Begins heart 0
Sunday Nov 23: Pontevedra to Tuy: To the Edge of the Land of Moors, Sumol & Cabo da Roca heart 0
Monday Nov 24: Tuy to Viana do Castelo, Portugal: Atlantico! Atlantico! heart 0
Tuesday Nov 25: Viana do Castelo to Braga: Lemons, Limes and one Amazing Catedral heart 0

Week 14: Boas Festas Portugal!

Wednesday Nov 26: Braga to Guimaraes: Happy Birthday Auntie V!! heart 0
Thursday Nov 27: Guimaraes to Amarante: Happy Birthday Shelley! heart 0
Friday Nov 28: Amarante to Porto: A Glass of Port in Porto heart 0
Saturday Nov 29: Porto to Agueda heart 0
Sunday Nov 30: Agueda to Coimbra heart 0
Monday Dec 1: Coimbra to Leiria: Congratulations S&D! heart 0
Tuesday Dec 2: Leiria: Rest Day heart 0

Week 15: Mixed Feelings: Am I Actually Coming to the end of this Adventure?

Wednesday Dec 3: Leiria to Obidos: Amazing Walled Town heart 0
Thursday Dec 4: Obidos to Peniche (and around the cape) heart 0
Friday Dec 5: Peniche to Torres Vedras: Last of the Lush Rolling Hills? heart 0
Saturday Dec 6: Torres Vedras to Sintra: For the Irvines who were in Sintra in 1982 heart 0
Sunday Dec 7: Sintra to Cascais (via Cabo da Roca) heart 0
Monday Dec 8: Cascais rest day (first of many?) heart 0
Tuesday Dec 9: Cascais to Lisboa (by bus) heart 0
Wednesday Dec 10: Lisboa to Frankfurt to Toronto to Timmins to Cochrane heart 0

"Crazy" Epilogue

Final Thoughts on my heart 0
Presentation Schedule heart 0
Photo Availability heart 0

Ten/Eleven Years Down the Road

What has been going on?: Do the wheels still turn? heart 1