Sunday Oct 12: Entrevaux to Castellane - Istanbul to Lisbon: From Sultanahmet to Sumol (and a sidetrip to Morocco) (Tour 7) - 2003 - CycleBlaze

October 12, 2003

Sunday Oct 12: Entrevaux to Castellane

Breakfast OF COURSE included some of that torte again - I could go forever after having that stuff.

The day started out climbing right away - not too steep, but it went on for quite a while so it was a good workout. Fortunately traffic was minimal, the weather was good, and the views were once again spectacular. The summit was only 1124 m but seemed tougher than that. The descent was awesome as I zipped down through long sweeping turns.

Before I knew it I was in Castellane, where I took the first hotel I found (LP-recommended) in the main square. I spent most of the rest of the day in awe of the colours and beauty of Provence - the yellows, blues, turquoises, greens, and of course, tasted their torte, too. I took a walk part way up to the Chapelle on the Roc for the amazing views of the twisting and turning and convoluted maze of streets that is the old town, like so many in these ancient cities. Mind you, I did not ascend to the top - I do enough climbing on the bike all day.

On my way to Castellane
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Old Town
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A very cool sign on a building
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What else but petanque?
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Today's ride: 32 km (20 miles)
Total: 2,566 km (1,593 miles)

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