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November 17, 2003

Monday Nov 17: Rabanal del Camino to Villafranca: Face from Home

Another beautiful day through the hills and valleys of Castilla y Leon. It started as an uphill ride for the first 11 km, then suddenly it turned down almost like a slide!

A few km down I saw two bicycles loaded for touring - the same fellows I had lunch with yesterday and had met just this side of Burgos a few days ago. I ended up riding with them to Ponferrada when they continued along, and I went in search of replacement tires for my shredded bands on my wheels. I also re-fixed the trailer tire hole and just kind of went over the bike.

My next stop was just west of Cacabelos at the home of Mr & Mrs George Leroux. He is originally from Iroquois Falls but left in the early 60's to pursue other things. It was a very nice visit.

A few km further west, I finally went to the medical centre to see if they could diagnose what has been bothering me - there are more symptoms now present. But the 'needle nazi' just barked at me a few times, asked no questions and popped me with antihistamines in a posterior muscle group I use for cycling! Anyway, they asked no questions, which concerned me. And when I called the travel insurance people 'collect' as their card says, the collect call was 'unable to be put through'. I guess that keeps the claims down!

Anyway, that aside, I anticipate that all going well, I will be in Santiago on Friday or Saturday, then have a rest day before turning straight south to the warmer climate (I hope) towards Portugal and the Cabo da Roca. Yes, the final leg of the tour. Apparently I hit the last big climb of my trip tomorrow and after that, though at times there are rolling hills, nothing will be too strenuous. Good, I'd like an easier end to the ride. Maybe I am getting lazy, eh?!

Frosty morning departure
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Approaching the last tough climbs of the trip
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Some cycling highway, eh?
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What a day.
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Les Leroux
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Today's ride: 49 km (30 miles)
Total: 4,008 km (2,489 miles)

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