Tuesday Oct 21: Carcassonne to Revel - Istanbul to Lisbon: From Sultanahmet to Sumol (and a sidetrip to Morocco) (Tour 7) - 2003 - CycleBlaze

October 21, 2003

Tuesday Oct 21: Carcassonne to Revel

Twinkle, twinkle little star... though it was starting to rain after I had my supper last night.

I do not like wind. Yes, again! Even on the météo last night I saw that they were calling for winds to 60 and even 80 km/h in places. Makes cycling not a lot of fun. Especially when the temperature is hovering barely above 0 C to begin with.

Yes, today I was cold. The fortunate thing was that when I came to an intersection just west of Carcassonne, I decided to get off the bigger road to take a smaller one. And with what great results! Small villages perched on hilltops, streams crossed by ancient stone bridges, and for most of the route, painting on the road marking "Go Lance", "Allez Virenque", "Mayo Mayo Mayo", and "Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan". Yes, this certainly was a part of this past summer's Tour de France - this exact same route. I must admit that I might have been moving somewhat more slowly .... because of the cold temperature. In one of the small villages I stopped to ask an older man if the Tour had come through, and when he told me they had, he indicated how they went "whoosh" up this long, steep hill before me. I crawled up with not a speck of "whoosh".

Most of the ride was climbing, though not that steep, and just before town here, it immediately turned down, so I raced into town, absolutely frozen into position. I did not know anything about this town, but was too cold to continue. The greatest thing of all, so far, today..... my room has a great big tub, so I soaked for the longest time before lunch.

So, hopefully tomorrow I will be in Toulouse, which is only 50-ish km away. I also hope that the temperature will increase, otherwise when I go through the Pyrenees, I am going to turn into a human cycling ice cube. I know that some of the places where I came through the Alps have had snow in their forecast, so it probably will not be long for the Pyrenees.

Along the Tour de France 2003 route
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Church in Revel (notice how cold I am)
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Today's ride: 45 km (28 miles)
Total: 3,056 km (1,898 miles)

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