Wednesday Oct 8: Alba: Recovery Day - Istanbul to Lisbon: From Sultanahmet to Sumol (and a sidetrip to Morocco) (Tour 7) - 2003 - CycleBlaze

October 8, 2003

Wednesday Oct 8: Alba: Recovery Day

Well, I am still alive, but what a horrible night. I stayed in bed right through til 8:30 am, then went and paid for another night before the place filled up and I would have to cycle somewhere. All done, though rather weakly. Kind of Tiny Tim-ish. (Yes, another reference to Dickens)

Anyway, I am not back to 100%, but am at least back on my feet. Market days in Alba are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, so no market here for me. But, the day is like yesterday, so I am poking around the old town, looking for the post office to send back a few extra things I no longer need, and getting very neutral food into me. Just a lazy day so that tomorrow I will be in Cuneo to get the mail, and then ready to hit the tough mountain passes through the border and into France.

Yes, there they are, the famous truffles. (At 100 Euro per kilo)
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Arches and such
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I can't get enough of two wheels!
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I took this one out my window
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