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London to Istanbul on a Recumbent Tandem

Retired and Ready to Ride the Eurovelo 6

By Barry Bartlett
4,034 km (2,505 miles) over 133 days between Jul. 12, 2012 and Nov. 21, 2012
Saying Goodbye to Our Island Jobs heart 4
Preparing for our journey heart 2
Departure Day is Here....or take a left at Iceland heart 1
A Couple Days in Horley to Assemble the bike heart 1
Our First Day on the Bike heart 3
Riding in Heavy Rain from Stapefield to Lewes heart 2
London Olympics Torch Relay In Lewes and on to Newhaven heart 3
Ferry to Dieppe heart 5
Pourville to St.Valery-en-Caux heart 8
St.Valery-en-Caux to Sassetot-le-Mauconduit heart 7
Sasssetot-le-Mauconduit to Fecamp heart 2
Fecamp to Criquetot L'esneval heart 1
Criquetot L'Esneval to Honfleur: Sometimes Travelling is Hard Work heart 0
Honfleur to vauville heart 1
Vauville to Caen heart 1
A Rest Day in Caen heart 2
Caen to Graye-sur-mer: Finally the road flattens out! heart 1
Rest Day- exploring Canadian War Museum and Courseulles-sur-mer/Bernieres-sur-mer heart 0
Canadian Scottish Municipal Campground to Bayeux via the Canadian Cemetery in Beny-sur-mer heart 0
Two Days of Rest and Sightseeing in Bayeux heart 0
Bayeux to Saint-Lo heart 0
Saint-Lo to Vire: Following the Vire River on Old Tow Paths and Rail Grades heart 4
Market Day and Fighting the Hills and the Rain: Vire to Sourdeval heart 4
Sourdeval to Ducey- downhill at last! heart 2
Reaching Mont St. Michel - a Unesco World Heritage Site: Ducey to Pontorson heart 1
Exploring Mont St. Michel and a short ride to Bazouges heart 1
A day filled with hard riding and wonderful kindness: Bazouges la Perouse to Les Bourges des Comptes heart 1
Les Bourges des Comptes to Redon heart 1
Redon to Guenrouet: A New Canal Route - Brest to Nantes Canal heart 2
Guenrouet to St. Chapelle sur Erdre: The longest day! heart 2
We'll stay put: St. Chapelle sur Erdre heart 1
Exploring Nantes and the Start of the Eurovelo 6 heart 3
Belle Riverie Campground to Montjean sur-Loire heart 1
Montjean-sur-Loire to ST.Mathurin-sur-Loire: Our Bike Computer Goes Crazy heart 2
St.Mathurin-sur-Loire to Savigny-en-Veron heart 2
Taking it easy in wine country: Savigny-en-veron heart 1
Another hot day: Savigny-en-veron to Savonniere heart 2
A hotter day! heart 1
Exploring the Caves in the Wine Region: Montlouis to Blois heart 1
Chambord: Blois to Chambord heart 3
Riding the levee along the Loire: Muides-sur-Loire to Jargeau heart 2
Shoe Trouble!: Jargeau to Sully-sur-Loire heart 1
Ousson-sur-Loire to La Charite-sur-Loire heart 1
Sully-sur-Loire to Ousson-sur-Loire heart 1
La Charite-sur-Loire to Nevers heart 1
Rest Day -Nevers heart 3
Nevers to Dijon on the train heart 1
Another Day in Dijon heart 0
Riding south on the Canal du Bourgogne from Dijon to rejoin the Eurovelo 6 trail heart 2
St. Jean de Losnes to Rans heart 1
Rans to Besancon: Rain is here to stay! heart 2
Besancon to Clerval heart 1
Clerval to Montbeliard heart 1
Montbeliard to Mulhouse heart 2
Mulhouse to Basel, Switzerland heart 2
Basel Switzerland: "You have upholstery!" heart 1
We Have Started the Danube River Route heart 2
Fridingen to Sigmaringen, Germany: A spectacular day with hills, hills, and more hills heart 1
Sigmaringen to Unlingen: New shoes and a detour heart 1
Rest Day in Unlingen: We go to a festival (pharrhoffest) for the new kindergarten heart 1
Unlingen to Ersingen: From the best in German hospitality to the worst......... heart 1
Ersingen to Ulm: A gem of a city heart 1
Exploring Ulm heart 1
Ulm to Gundelfingen: Illness and Bike Problems heart 1
Gundelfingen to Blindheim: Sick and more bike trouble heart 1
Blindheim - Gasthaus Konle: Sick and staying put! heart 1
Blindheim to Ingollstadt: So good to be riding again heart 3
A beautiful day: Ingolstadt to Kelheim heart 1
Kelheim to Regensberg: Camping again! heart 2
Regensburg to Straubing What a week: - from the sublime to the not so ..... heart 2
Straubing to Niederalterich: Huge bike shops, got lost and in the end had a great day! heart 1
Niederalterich to Passau: An auspicious day - the culmination of the first part of our Danube journey heart 1
Austria!: Passau to Kramesau heart 1
Klamesau to Feldkirchen, Camping Insel: New friends, a new country, travelling can be so good... heart 1
Feldkirchen to Mauthausen heart 2
Mauthausen Concentration Camp: A Sobering Sad and Reflective Day heart 1
Au to Ypps, Austria heart 1
Ybbs to Melk, Austria heart 1
Rest Day in Melk heart 1
Melk to Krems: A ride through the beautiful Wachau Valley heart 1
Krems to Klosterneuberg: We're Almost in Vienna heart 1
Our First Day in Vienna heart 1
Vienna: Mozart heart 2
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Museum of Fine Arts and a Concert - extradordinary day: "The best vegetables are meat" heart 1
The Belevedere to see the Klimt Exhibit: More Fabulous Art heart 4
Klosterneuberg - a day to explore heart 1
A final day in Vienna heart 4
Riding out of Vienna to Orth: Rain, wind and more wind. heart 2
Orth to Bratislava heart 2
A day to explore Bratislava heart 4
Bratislava,Slovakia to Donilikten, Hungary heart 0
Hungary: Donakiliti to Bana heart 1
Bana to Neszmely: Cats and dogs.... heart 2
Neszemley to Esztergom heart 3
Esztergom to Vac: A beautiful day riding the Danube Bend heart 5
Vac to Budapest: Hungary's hospitality is memorable... heart 1
Budapest heart 3
Hanging out in Budapest for a few days heart 5
Riding out of Budapest heart 1
Dunaharszti to Rackeve: From Pension to Palace heart 1
Rackeve to Dunaujvaros heart 1
Dunaujvaros to Kalocsa: Hospitality and Friendly People in Hungary heart 3
Rest Day in Kalocso heart 1
Kalocsa to Baja, Hungary: Haircuts at Last! heart 1
Baja to Mohacs: Almost in Croatia heart 2
Mohacs Hungary to Knezevi Vinogradi, Croatia heart 2
Knezevi Vinogradi, Croatia to Vukovar: Another cold wet ride heart 2
Vukovar to Ilok, Croatia heart 2
Ilok, Croatia to Sremski Karlovci, Serbia heart 2
Sremski Karlovci to Belgrade - by other means: 40 mile per hour headwinds and rain... heart 2
Belgrade: Boxing the bike and exploring the city heart 2
A Few Days in Belgrade, Serbia heart 3
Leaving Belgrade heart 1
Hello Istanbul! heart 6
Istanbul heart 19
Topkapi Palace heart 28
Exploring the Bike shops of Istanbul heart 26
A Turkish Island Adventure heart 72
A stroll Along the Waterfront heart 10
A Wonderful Day Exploring the Backstreets of Istanbul heart 22
A Ferry Trip to Asia: It's Market Day in Kadikoy - Sali Pazari heart 18
Our Wonderful Guesthouse in Istanbul heart 11
Istanbul Marathon heart 13
Hagia Sophia heart 11
Western District: Off the Tourist Grid heart 27
Out and About in Istanbul heart 18
The Amazing Archaeology Museum heart 9
On Our Way Home! heart 10
Post Trip Reflections heart 5