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Exploring Holland, Germany and Denmark on a Recumbent Tandem

Amsterdam and beyond.....three months of following the rivers and water ways of Europe

By Barry Bartlett
3,152 km (1,957 miles) over 90 days between Jul. 8, 2013 and Oct. 5, 2013
Getting ready to go heart 1
A long day of travel heart 1
Settling in to Holland: Two days in Amstelveen with Hans and Mieke heart 2
We're ready to ride and explore....we think!: From Amstelveen to Woerden heart 2
In search of Tull en t'Wall heart 1
We are staying on the Rhine - Eck en Wiel heart 1
Eck en Wiel to Renkum: ...more Nature Kamping! heart 2
Renkum Nature Kamping heart 1
De Hoge Velouwe National Park and Kroller-Muller Museum: Staying at the Renkum Quadenrooed Nature Kamp heart 1
Today we get to visit the Kroller-Muller Museum!: Renkum Camping heart 3
Heading to the Rhine - Renkum to Gendt: Oops - it's the Waal River, not the Rhine heart 4
A holiday day at Wallstrand Campground: Gendt - we're staying put heart 1
Gendt to Griertherort heart 2
Griertherort to Xanten heart 1
Xanten to Rheinberg: Hot! Hot! and a Headwind! heart 2
Rheinberg to Langst-Kierst, Meersbusch Camping: Spending the day, riding in circles... heart 1
Another hot day of riding: Langst-Kierst to Dormagen heart 1
Sick in Dormagen: ...grateful we are not camping heart 1
Staying another day at Stadt Hotel Dormagen: Mary Ellen recovering and thunderstorms heart 1
We leave Dormagen and head for Cologne (Koln): We ride fast due to the threat of thunderstorms heart 0
Two days to sightsee in Cologne and explore its amazing cathedral heart 1
Cologne to Rolandswerth: - the storms have arrived heart 1
Bonn heart 1
Rolandsberth to Bad Breisig (Rheineck Camping) heart 1
Rheineck to Koblenz heart 1
Out of Koblenz and beyond: Hot!Hot!Hot! heart 1
Fachbach to Limburg on the Lahn: On our way to visit our friends, the Reitz family heart 1
Five days staying with our new German friends: A mini recumbent rally with our friends heart 2
Our first day of exploring the region with our tour guides Cora, Justin and Clara heart 1
A day on the Reitz farm heart 1
We go spelunking and do a walking tour of Weilburg heart 1
Sightseeing in Limburg with Cora heart 0
Departure day from the farm heart 0
From Runkel to Bad Ems heart 0
Farewell to the Lahn River Route: The Rhine in Flames annual festival heart 0
A spectacular day of riding along the Rhine: Rhens Brey to Rheingauer heart 0
On to Mainz: The end of the Rhine River route for us heart 0
Three days in Mainz: Saint Stephans with its amazing Marc Chagall windows and a cool bike shop. heart 0
Gutenburg Museum heart 0
Leaving the Rhine and on to the Main River: Riding to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and taking the train to Kassel, Hessen heart 0
Riding along two beautiful rivers in one day: A Spectacular day! heart 3
Oberweser to Holtzminden: Along the Weser River heart 10
Rain and Winds - onwards to Hameln: Holzminden to Hameln heart 11
Hameln to Grossenwieden - sightseeing in Hameln: and caught in a thunderstorm heart 9
A Farm Stay at Hof Klostermann (Grossenwieden to Minden): A wonderful place to stay - and then the signage disappears... heart 12
A beautiful day of cycling: Minden to Stolzenau heart 15
Stolzenau to Eitzendorf: Wonderful cycling and camping opportunities heart 4
Eitzendorf to Berne: A long day of riding with beautiful countryside and dodging the crowds in historic Bremen heart 23
Berne (Campingplatz Juliusplate to Bremerhaven (Hostel/campground): It's not a campground - but we'll take it! heart 17
Havenhostel, Bremerhaven: We're staying and we got a room... heart 3
Bremerhaven to Cuxhaven: We've completed the Weser River Bicycle Route heart 1
Riding the ferry from Cuxhaven to Brunsbuttel heart 4
Along the Nord-Ostsee-Canal heart 0
Eckernforde to Flensburg: Hills, hills and beautiful countryside on our way to Denmark heart 0
Flensburg to Kursa Denmark: We're camping in Denmark heart 0
Krusa: A day to figure out our route and find some maps! heart 0
Krusa to Sonderborg heart 2
High Winds,Heavy rain and a wild ferry ride to Fyn heart 2
Faaborg to Spodsbjerg: No rain, no wind, no traffic - an idyllic day of cycling in Denmark heart 4
Spodsbjerg (Langeland) to Maribo (Lolland): Island Hopping - Ferries and Quiet Country Roads heart 3
Maribo to Stubbekobing: Exceptional Danish hospitality and eagerness to provide assistance heart 1
Stubbekobing (Falster) to Faxe Ladeplads (South Zealand): What a day - 4 Islands and we meet the Queen of Denmark heart 5
Faxe, Ladeplads to Stroby (South Zealand): Limestone cliffs and stunning scenery heart 5
Almost to Copenhagen!: An easy route to Copenhagen along highway 151 - it's hard to believe that we're here heart 0
Our first visit to Copenhagen: Rain, canals and mysterious buskers heart 2
Day Two in Copenhagen: A relaxing day exploring Denmark's National Gallery and Botanical Gardens heart 0
Day Three in Copenhagen: Another Art Gallery (why not?) and the National Museum to see the Vikings heart 0
The Magic of Tivoli heart 0
A Day to Stroll Through Copenhagen heart 0
Copenhagen- more sightseeing heart 0
Our last day in Copenhagen: Rosenborg Slot heart 0
Copenhagen to Roskilde heart 0
Roskilde - a day at the museum: Camping with a view of the Roskilde Fjord heart 0
Samso Island - a spontaneous change of plan!: Hills and gravel and finally a train heart 0
Samso Island: 3 days to unwind and explore another island heart 0
Samso to Horsens: 2 flat tires - a stop and go kind of day heart 0
Horsens to Vejle: From bad to good.... heart 0
Vejle to Fredricia: Hills, steep curves and another flat tire heart 0
Fredicia to Vejen: Another bike shop and lots of hills heart 0
Vejen to Ribe: A short hard ride against a formidable headwind heart 0
Ribe to Esbjerg: Our final day in Denmark - where did the time go? heart 0
From Denmark to England, overnight on the ferry: 18 hours on a floating hotel heart 2
England for the Day and then on to Holland: A Magical Day in historic Harwich as a result of chance meetings heart 0
Back in Holland heart 0
A second night in Delft - too much to see: Camping at Delft Houte heart 0
A beautiful day of cycling - with a tumble off the bike: Historic windmills along the route heart 0
Sassenheim - Hof von Eeden Camping: Another fabulous day of riding, plus 3 ferries heart 0
Staying in Sassenheim: A ride to the North Sea - beaches and dunes heart 0
Leiden: Haircuts at last! heart 0
Our final day of cycling in Europe for 2013: Sassenheim to Amstelveen heart 0
Amsterdam: Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam Museum and miles of walking heart 0
Amsterdam, day 2: Amstelveen Market, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh heart 0
Flying Back to Canada heart 0
Bike reassembled and ready to hit the road again: Victoria to Cowichan Bay, Canada heart 0
Riding hills and enduring jet-lag: Cowichan Bay to Saltspring Island heart 0