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The Adventures of Garfield and Tango

A Glamping Tour of Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona

By marilyn swett
1,121 miles (1,804 km) over 1006 days since Aug. 23, 2021
Back to the Mile High City heart 3
Into the land of enchantment heart 3
Homeward bound heart 2
I'm in the mood for dancing heart 0
Boogie fever heart 0
There are no wrong moves in tango, only new ones heart 1
We should be dancing heart 0
Looking for gold in them thar hills heart 3
We've got she-assist! heart 2
Money, money,'s a rich man's world heart 1
Mission accomplished! heart 3
Shut up and dance heart 1
I'll take the high road and you can take the low road heart 3
Keep on truckin' heart 1
Half a loop is better than none heart 1
Saddle 'em up boys! heart 2
We've got the boogie fever heart 2
Those who can't dance say the music is no good! heart 0
Beware the spines! heart 4
Oh Canada! heart 10
Onward to Tucson heart 1
The wild wild west ride heart 3
I've been to the desert on a horse named Garfield heart 2
Dancing is poetry for the feet heart 0
Do it big, do it right, and do it with style - Fred Astaire heart 2
Dancing is like taking a shower - one wrong turn and you're in hot water! heart 1
Highway out and back heart 0
Travel day numero dos heart 7
From the lake to the land of giants heart 4
Exploring the Desert Riviera heart 2
It takes two to tango heart 1
Lazy lake day heart 0
Gettin' our kicks heart 1
London Bridge is falling down, falling down...... heart 6
A new day, another new state heart 0
Badlands masquerade heart 5
Desert solitaire heart 0
Checking out the better half heart 0
Get me to the church on time heart 2
Monster mash heart 0
Lemon tree, very pretty...... heart 4
A Golden state of mind heart 1
When you can feel the wind in your hair, it's time to shave your legs heart 4
The fun never stops! heart 6
One last cruise around town heart 0
Why be moody when you can shake your booty?! heart 1
Farms, fields and flats heart 3
Life is short and there will always be dirty dishes, so let's dance! heart 0
I'm Zion over these views! heart 0
Hold onto your helmets!! heart 2
Movin' on down the highway heart 3
4 flats and you're out!! heart 0
Red rocks and twinkle toes heart 1
Up, up and away heart 2
The road is calling our names heart 0
It's raining cats and dogs, and I fell in a poodle heart 2
What happens on the river, stays on the river heart 2
Slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter heart 2
Elks to the rescue!! heart 12
It's raining hoodoos heart 3
A hell of a place to lose a cow heart 4
Hankering for Hoodoos heart 2
Racing the rain heart 1
The beauty of the back roads heart 0
Sometimes you succeed and other times you learn heart 0
Hotter'n a blister bug in a pepper patch heart 1
Colder than a witch in a brass bra heart 2
RV'ers lament heart 1
The Great Pumpkin has landed! heart 5
Rolling up our sleeves heart 0
Hit the road Jack heart 0
Take me to the river heart 4
Falling for the Snake heart 2
No rest for the wicked heart 1
Could it be magic? heart 1
East bound and down, loaded up and truckin' heart 1
Take me home country roads heart 2
Looking for that pot of gold heart 2
Movin' on down the road heart 1
Rain, rain go away heart 2
Yes! We have no bananas heart 0
Headed for the Evergreen State heart 3
Turkeys, bats and elks......oh my! heart 3
Come hell or high water heart 2
Walkin' on sunshine heart 6
A change of scenery heart 0
Blue skies shining on me........:) heart 3
A paddlin', dancin' kind of day heart 6
Just another hazy day in paradise heart 5
Searching for Bullwinkle heart 9
Down to the water heart 4
Back to potato land heart 1
A mixed bag heart 2
Smoked out heart 3
Cheek to cheek heart 1
On to the Big Sky State heart 2
Farms and fields meander heart 0
Spuds, spuds, and more spuds heart 1
North to the potato state heart 5
Hi Ho Silver! heart 7
A honey of a ride heart 3
Kicking up our heels heart 2
Looking for fruit in Fruita heart 1
Another river ride heart 1
Stretching our legs heart 3
Let the adventures begin! heart 5
A little bit of history heart 1
Where are we going? heart 3
What's up with the team this year? heart 9