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August 27, 2021

Kicking up our heels

Coalville, UT

On Thursday, we made the long drive to Coalville, Utah which is located in the mountains east of Salt Lake City. Utah is always scenic and we saw lots of red rocks, hoodoos and expansive views. South of here we also drove through an area with lots of orchards. It turns out that most of them were tart cherry trees. Who knew?!

We made it to Coalville and our camp at Echo Island RV Resort. Not sure that I would call this a "resort" but they do have a grill, pools, fishing pond, camp store and show movies at night. So more geared to families than us. 

But the sites are gravel (no dance floor) and we have no tree by us. Not nearly as nice as our stays in state parks, but we couldn't get a reservation at any parks near here.

We did some projects at the trailer this morning - Don has been hooking up a new internet boosting antenna which seems to help. On the way to the hardware store for some screws, we took a drive around Coalville to check out potential bike routes.

Rather than bike today, we've decided to drive into Salt Lake City this evening to attend a social dance held at a dance studio. Salt Lake is less than an hour drive away which isn't too bad.

It felt kind of weird to dress up for a dance and then Don discovered he forgot to pack a belt and suspenders - sheesh! So he had to stop at a Walmart in Park City which was fortunately on the way. 

The dance was fun with a mix of dancers - beginners to more advanced. Everyone was vaccinated so no masks were needed. The studio had a fairly large floor and played recorded music. 

Boy, we sure were a bit rusty! After about 1 1/2 hours, we pooped out and headed back home. We hadn't danced in a week and had been used to going 3-4 days a week in Denver. But it was a nice diversion. 

We hope to bike the next couple of days but that depends on the air quality. The jet stream is drawing in wildfire smoke from the fires out west. It was bad in Salt Lake but better in Coalville. Fingers crossed!

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