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My husband Don and I are retired and live in Colorado. Since 2009 we have logged thousands of miles touring across the US and Canada on our Rans Screamer recumbent tandem. We love touring and seeing the country the slow way! 

This summer, we bought a new tandem - a Rans Seavo recumbent tandem. A bright orange frame, we promptly named it 'Garfield'! While we love the Screamer - our Limo, it was getting older and had developed some issues. We found a nearly new Seavo in New Mexico at a great price so went that direction rather than getting another Screamer. 

Major differences between the 2 bikes are the 2 - 26 inch, 700  wheels rather than a 26 wheel in back with a 20 inch front wheel on the Screamer. That position is more aerodynamic but forces my seat in the back to be sit lower than Don's seat so I can't see over his shoulders. Not a deal breaker, but I had to get used to only having side views. Plus the Seavo has disk brakes rather than 2-rim brakes with a third drum brake on the rear. That's important when descending mountain passes as it helps slow us down without blowing out a tire using the rim brakes.

So this past summer and fall, we've been getting the Seavo adjusted to our seating/pedaling preferences and riding around town. Our recent trip to Arizona allowed us to really get it out on the road. We plan to sell the Screamer and eventually make the Seavo our touring vehicle.