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September 12, 2021

A change of scenery

Checking out the Centennial Trail

We decided today that since we needed to fill up one our propane bottles at a place in Coeur D'Alene, we would ride part of the Centennial Trail. Kind of a 2 in 1 day.

It didn't take long to fill the bottle and we were able to locate the start of the trail east of Coeur D' Alene at Higgins Point. Lots of people were out on the trail on this sunny Sunday. 

We saw that the trail continued east from the parking lot up a stinkin' steep hill! We did have to walk part way and it was all for nothing. The trail just went up to an overlook at the top of the point.

Turning around, we went west into downtown Coeur D'Alene. This was a little bit different riding than we've been doing on the flat Coeur D'Alene trail. We actually had a few climbs to work our legs! 

Riding totally flat trails can be a mixed bag since you never have an opportunity to coast. You're just constantly pushing on the pedals which can lead to numb toes.

The trail followed along the lake and we saw lots of beautiful homes with waterfront views. There were also a couple of marinas so Don could lust over the boats. I told him his boat was now our silver Tango!

There were also a number of private boat docks along the shore where you could park your boat or other watercraft, and maybe put out a few patio chairs . Several were for sale. We wondered how much one of those would cost. 

We didn't ride very far today since Don's legs were fatigued from the previous rides. When we reached a park near the downtown area we took a break while looking at more boats and enjoying the live music at a nearby restaurant. And no we didn't dance any! It would have been on concrete with our cleated bike shoes and maybe not the wisest choice!

From here we turned around and retraced our route back to the truck. I did have Don stop at an apple tree next to the trail so I could pick a few. 

These were smaller and a different variety than the ones in the campground. I tried them later and they were pretty tart/not ripe. I'll put them in a bag and see if that will ripen them up.

After an hour's drive back to camp, we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. I found another apple tree nearby and picked a few. Just call me Marilyn Appleseed! Unfortunately they weren't ripe either. They're a small red/green colored apple. Probably better cooked. 

Hmmmm - maybe apple crisp? We do have an oven we haven't tried out yet. Or maybe on the grill?

Bummer. But I'll be on the lookout for any yellow apple trees on the drive south to Lewiston!

Today we rode a short section of the Centennial Trail. This trail continues to the state line of Washington and into Spokane.
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Coeur D'Alene Lake was pretty today.
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If your private dock along the shoreline is big enough you can have patio chairs!
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No Don, you can't buy this one!!
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This was one the larger homes we spotted on the lake. Notice that it has a water-level garage! They can just drive their boat in and shut the door! We wondered if they have a boat lift inside to keep the boat out of the water during the winter.
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Today's ride: 15 miles (24 km)
Total: 151 miles (243 km)

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