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September 23, 2021

Could it be magic?

Jerome loop

Well, this morning started off with a bang when we had to go computer shopping at Costco as soon as they opened. My tablet had been on its last legs lately and finally gave up the ghost yesterday. 

Sigh.....why does this always seem to happen when we're traveling? I had purchased my tablet 3 years ago while we were on a bike tour as the same thing happened to my netbook. Oh well, at least we had shopping options in Twin Falls and hey, what's a little more money?!!! A leak, a new tire and now a new computer! What's next?!

Luckily we found a smaller computer that we thought would work for me. It's not a tablet, but all the tablets they sold had no attached keyboards which I need. Guess I'm old school. 

By the time we got gas (more money) and got back to camp, it was time for lunch. Then we were ready for a bike ride since it had finally warmed up above 60!

Although it was sunny, it was windy which for me made that 62 degrees feel like it was barely in the 50's. So I put on an extra layer. 

We headed north out of the KOA onto Highway 93. It was a busier 4-lane but had a really wide shoulder so was not problem to ride. After a short distance, we turned onto little road that went east. Since all of the roads in this area were laid out in a grid and mostly paved, it was easy to navigate. 

The wind was behind us now, so I felt a bit overly warm in my extra layers and was tempted to take them off, but later I was glad I had left everything on. 

We are now cycling in the 'Magic Valley' which is the nickname for this part of the valley. This name came when the early settlers 'magically' transformed this arid, uninhabitable land into an agricultural productive paradise by the construction of 2 dams and an irrigation system on the Snake River in the early 1900's. 

From the Treasure Valley to now the Magic Valley - guess that's par for the 'Gem State'!

It was pleasant riding along the quiet roads past vast fields of sugar beets, potatoes, feed corn and alfalfa. The air was fresh with the smells of the country - newly mown hay and cow poop! Yup - we found that too at a large dairy operation. 

Although it seemed a little hazy out, we couldn't smell any smoke. But the weather forecaster says as it gets warmer we could see more of that. Hopefully it will wait until we've left the state. 

The land had little rolling hills, even though the route was described as mostly flat. Maybe to a driver, but not for a cyclist! When we turned west onto Highway 25, we had a long continuous climb up to the top of a rise. it was really less than 2 miles but sure felt like 10! Maybe because we were also biking into the growing wind.

When we reached Highway 93, we continued across to the other side and rode to the outskirts of Jerome. There were some larger industries here - an Idaho milk products plant , some greenhouses and grain storage facility. Also some newer homes. We decided not to venture further into the town today, so turned around and made our way back home. 

Earlier, most of the RV's here had moved on, leaving many empty sites. But by the time we returned, we found the campground filling up again. It looked as if most people people were just spending the night, then moving on. 

That seems stupid to me - why spend this much money for camping here when you could just park overnight for free at a nearby truck stop? Then you wouldn't have to deal with hooking up to anything. Don said that maybe people liked the security of an organized campground. We haven't tried the overnight parking at truck stops or Walmart's yet, but that will be coming soon. 

It was another quiet evening at camp. Don likes to socialize outside with the neighbors but I'm not feeling too sociable in this state with high Covid numbers and anti-vax mentality. No one wears masks here, except for the clerk in the camp store and us. 

I was going to try being friendly when I heard the guy parked next to us comment about this 'stupid Covid stuff' when talking to Don. I headed back inside to keep away from that stupidity before I said something I shouldn't, like - my mom died from Covid you idiot! Frankly, I'll be glad to move on to another state that will hopefully be better than Idaho. 

We've got some more possible rides over the few days as we explore this valley.

Might is right!
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Lots of freshly mown hay drying in this field.
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At the top of the rise that we climbed we found this monastery. We couldn't see any buildings due the thick trees around them. It's part of the Catholic Church and houses 15 Benedictine monks.
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Now THAT''S one BIG spud! We found these piles of dirt and potatoes along the road by one field. I don't know if that's the way they harvest potatoes here? Or are these left to rot? I was tempted to snag a few smaller ones but we were directly across from a house, so bypassed them. They weren't anything special like the fingerlings we bought at the Clarkston farmer's market - just common russetts.
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We took advantage of this handy portapot that was at one intersection in Jerome. It was definately 'at our disposal' as the sign states! And it was clean to boot!
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I noticed this barn at a farm but didn't see any game birds. Perhaps they used to raise them? There was a new housing development going in next door that was named the Upland Development - as in upland game birds like pheasant.
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It is definately fall!
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We smelled this large dairy operation miles before we passed by it.
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And this is where the milk goes. There is also a Jerome cheese plant somewhere nearby. Supposedly award winning cheeses. Maybe we can find some to enjoy with our wine!
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Today's ride: 20 miles (32 km)
Total: 304 miles (489 km)

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