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September 10, 2021

A paddlin', dancin' kind of day

A change of pace

Today was sort-of a day off, at least from biking. We had found a dance studio in Coeur D'Alene that was hosting a social dance party tonight so we're going dancing!

The morning was spent the usual way - updating the computer, watching a little news on the TV and just hanging out. In fact, I got bored so I ended up mopping the Tango's floor and cleaning out the truck. A woman's work is never done - especially in an RV!

We even went for a short walk around the campground and along the lake. There were a few birds and squirrels around but mostly this area is SO quiet. It's almost stifling. Any breeze doesn't reach the ground due the tall trees and since school is back in session, there aren't any kids around. And what few campers there are, keep to themselves.

There was an apple tree in our campsite so we raided it for some apples. Most of them were higher up on the branches but I was able to knock them down with a broom handle. They look to be Golden Delicious and are very good! We've seen lots of apple trees along the trail with plenty of red, ripe apples. 

I was ready to pick some on our rides, but Don reminded me that they were likely contained heavy metals since the old railroad bed was built using contaminated mine tailings. There are lots of signs along the way asking users to stay on the paved trail and not get off onto the sides. But they did use fresh fill when they converted the rail line to a trail, so it's probably not a problem. But still........

After lunch it had warmed up into the 70's so we took the kayak over to Benewa Lake which is next to the campground. I was willing to give this boating thing just one more try. 

This time I wore my elbow and wrist supports, and Don pumped up the boat/seats more. He also adjusted my seat location so I had more room for my legs to stretch out. 

The lake was glass smooth and it was very serene just floating along. We watched 2 families in canoes that were over in the grasses, harvesting wild rice. 

They told us it was a good year for the rice but it sounded like quite a process to first dry the grass, then roast it over an open fire and finally remove the hulls. One woman said she thought it was better tasting than the wild rice from Minnesota. 

We would love to find some already processed to take with us. Maybe the market in Saint Maries has some for sale.

But I have to admit that the kayaking went very well this time! Don did most of the paddling -hey just like riding the bike! (just kidding). 

But other than my feet/ankles, I didn't get as wet as I did the last go round and had no sore arms/hands. We'll keep playing with Sprite in the future, making it as comfortable as we can for both of us.

We only stayed out for less than an hour as a breeze had come up and was pushing us around a little. That was plenty for today as it was starting to sprinkle by the time we finished. Time for a hot shower!

After dinner we drove into Coeur D'Alene to attend the dance. The studio was teaching a group foxtrot class, so we watched that until the dance started at 8 pm. They taught a couple of moves that looked interesting. 

There were about 20 people there, but no-one wore masks, including the instructors. We kept ours on, even though it was hot and hard to breathe. 

The vaccination rate in Idaho is below 50%, so we don't want to take any chances with the Delta variant. We wear our masks everywhere we encounter people and sanitize/wash our hands frequently.

We enjoyed ourselves and stayed for a little more than an hour, but then called it a night since it was another hour's drive back to camp in the rain, part of it on a narrow, winding road. 

Getting to the dance took some effort, but we had a good time and got a little practice which we really needed. Hopefully back to biking tomorrow!

We took a walk today through the woods. They sure are "dark and deep"!
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Other than some squirrels and a few deer, we've seen little wildlife around the campground. Even the bird life is sparse.
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Ponderosa pine cones are HUGE!
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This is our apple haul! Very tasty!
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The very placid Benewa Lake.
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This mother and her son were out in their canoe, harvesting wild rice.
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Wild rice - before it is dried, cooked and the hulls removed.
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We danced tonight at the Premier Ballroom dance studio in Coeur D'Alene. Their floor was pretty large and we had plenty of room to move around. We watched the owners dance a foxtrot and it was no wonder they had so many trophies from their competitions. They were incredible dancers!
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Gregory GarceauWild rice that tastes better than Minnesota's wild rice? That's impossible!
How much longer are you going to be at Heyburn? I've changed my route a little (based on your information and also similar road reports from I guy I met at Hell's Gate State Park) and I think I'll be there on Tuesday. If you'll be gone by then, watch for me on the road. I'll be coming up Highway 95.
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1 week ago
marilyn swettTo Gregory GarceauWell, we can't attest to that comment, although we've had Minnestoa wild rice. We leave Heyburn on Tuesday going south on 95 so maybe we'll see you headed north! Look for a black truck pulling an Airstream.
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1 week ago