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Title Ratings
The Dotted Lines Of The Inland Northwest 211
High Stakes Bike Touring 84
Mr. Nice Guy Goes Bad 128
Logic And Energy Debunk The Iowa Myth: Parts 1 & 2 147
The Man Who Biked To Canada (With No Complaints) 140
GOING UP! The Gulf of Mexico to Lake Superior 194
America's Most Naive Bike Tourist Rides From MN to MA 99
Greg's Questionable Judgement 251


I live in a small town in the bicycle-friendly state of Minnesota.  It's a Mississippi River town located within the even more bicycle-friendly Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area.  Oddly, I don't know very many cyclists and I don't know ANY other touring cyclists.  I'd like to be able to tell you exactly how I got into this cycletouring thing, but it would take a lot of memory-searching, introspection, psychological analysis, and autobiographical research, and I'm afraid my brain isn't designed for that kind of work.

No matter how it evolved, I do like to travel on my bike.  And for me, half the fun of travelling is writing about it.