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Short, Local, Diverse, Fun

By Gregory Garceau
622 miles (1,001 km) over 203 days between Jun. 12, 2022 and Dec. 31, 2022
The Metamorphosis of a Dumb Idea into a Smart Idea heart 39
Touring Differently and Posting Differently heart 14

June: South By Southeast

Isn't It Delightful? heart 73
The Delights Keep Coming heart 75
****A Delightful Interlude Involving Animals heart 46
Pure Delight: A Wind-Assisted Finale To Phase One heart 65
****Every Mini-Tour Is A Learning Opportunity heart 8

July: North By Northeast

The Perfectly Legitimate Start of a New Mini-Tour heart 33
In Semi-Paradise Twas I heart 113
****The Bike Touring Wine Review heart 14
Low Mileage, High Adventure heart 106
Going Home: The Good and the Bad heart 26
****The Covidian heart 8

August: North By Northwest

A Bragger's Gotta Brag heart 17
The Bragging Never Ends heart 17
The Great Gregsby heart 52
Drunk On Art heart 62
Quite A Day heart 15
Just A Regular Day With No Shootings heart 40

September: South By Northeast Iowa

Back to the Groovy Days of the 1970's heart 30
Iowa Towns: The Antithesis of Tourist Towns heart 161
A Mish-Mash of Miscellaneous Observations, Anecdotes, Tourist Information, Road Lessons, Pictures, Videos and Lame Jokes Presented in a Unique Arrangement of Mini-Chapters heart 117

October: West By Southwest

Keeping It DIFFERENT heart 22
It's A Dakota County Kind Of Day heart 87
The Irony of Cycling South to a Town Called Northfield heart 71
A Poor Example Of A Good Samaritan heart 81
What? There's More? heart 9

November: Southnorth By Westeast

A Whole New Level Of "Touring Differently" Differentness heart 18
A Whole New Perspective On My Home Territory heart 83
A Whole New Concept In Wine Reviews heart 16
A Whole New Level Of Tension heart 59
A Whole New Level of Mini-Tour Apologetics heart 46

December: North By North Pole

Different, Demented, Daring, Daffy heart 20
Different, Daft, Dubious & Devoid of Decorum heart 30
Different, Delightful, Dangerous & Deficient in Dignity heart 74
Different, Disgusting, Distressing & Deeply Dorky heart 57
Different, Dark, Dysfunctional, Disappointing heart 52

The Grand, Sweeping Conclusion

Well, THAT Was Different heart 11