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The Man Who Biked To Canada (With No Complaints)

Having Fun By Resisting Negativity

By Gregory Garceau
1,263 miles (2,033 km) over 26 days between Jun. 1, 2016 and Jun. 26, 2016
Three States And Two Provinces As Viewed Through Rose-Tinted Glasses heart 3
The Elephant In The Parentheses heart 8
RAQs (Rarely Asked Questions) heart 3
Interstate State Park, Wisconsin heart 7
Governor Knowles State Forest, Wisconsin heart 2
Like A Drowned Rat heart 2
More Scenes From The Willard Munger Trail (Coen Brothers Version) heart 6
A Tribute To My Favorite Lake heart 13
The Lake I Will No Longer Name heart 6
Headwinds Reconsidered heart 4
Examining Ely heart 4
Cuddly Mosquitoes, Dragonflies, and Horseflies heart 8
Birds And Animals Of Canada heart 3
The Third Annual Local Wine Review heart 6
Cartoonish Me (And The Longest Footnote Ever) heart 3
A Photo Montage Saves My Ass heart 5
Like Some Kind Of Provincial Horsefly Day heart 6
A Two-Day Whirlwind Winnipeg Tour (Condensed Into One Action-Packed Page) heart 9
Rain Is A Necessary Component To A Diverse Eco-System AND To A Well-Rounded Bike Tour heart 2
"War and Peace" or "Anna Karenina" heart 3
Excuses, Excuses heart 1
A Little Advice In Strict Accordance With The Teachings Of The Church Of The Great Outdoors heart 5
I Am One Of THEM heart 8
Grunting And Shrieking--The Full Story heart 2
Six Hours On the Paul Bunyan Trail Told In Eight Haikus and Twelve Pictures heart 6
Stealing Quotes From Conrad, Kesey, and G-2 heart 4
A Know-It-All Uses High-Tech Bike Terminology heart 3
Plenty Of Pride To Go Around heart 5
It's A Conclusion! It's A Map! It's A Full Disclosure heart 2
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